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What You’re Reading: Paranoia and Linsanity

The last time I investigated “What You’re Reading,” in the final, chilly days of January, I discovered your affinity for gadgets and girl scout cookies. Now that it’s March, and here in D.C. the cherry blossoms are blooming (a bit early, much to the chagrin of festival organizers), it’s time to check in and see what’s piquing your interest. Another scrumptious dessert, perhaps?

To see what stories have been the most popular among fans of Social Reader over the past month, I took a look at recent data for the Washington Post Social Reader Twitter feed. As it turns out, two afflictions are running rampant: ‘Linsanity‘ and Facebook paranoia.

Paranoia and Linsanity

The top trending tweet, which garnered nearly 1,000 clicks, reveals your fear that your social media past may come up in a performance review (eek!). That’s right, folks — speculation about hiring managers checking out workers’ Facebook pages is still alive and growing, according to Mashable‘s popular article Facebook Profiles Accurately Predict Job Performance.

Coming in second in trending tweets for the past month? The fact that basketball star Jeremy Lin is moving to make the moniker ‘Linsanity’ profitable. Judging by the amount of clicks Global Post‘s article, Jeremy Lin Files for ‘Linsanity’ Trademark, prompted, it looks like everyone loves a classic underdog story.

In addition to tweaking your Facebook profile and following the latest NBA drama, you’ve also been reading about maintaining your girlish figure. Two of the most popular articles in the past month were about fake health foods: The Washington Post‘s Five So-Called Health Foods You Should Avoid, and alcohol: Women’s Health Magazine‘s Drinking and Exercise: How Alcohol Affects Your Body. Guess we should have read the second one before St. Patrick’s Day…

While these four articles represent just a small sampling of Social Reader’s Twitter readership, our tweets have been a hot commodity, with clicks more than tripling this month. So, thank you, dear readers, for continuing to check us out @wpsocialreader.

‘Til next time, make sure you’re maintaining your Facebook to work performance perfection — preferably after hours, and not during a Knicks game.

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