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What You’re Reading: Top Secret Locales and Angry Birds Galore

Last time I checked in to see what Social Reader fans were up to on the Washington Post Social Reader Twitter feed, everyone was battling to catch a glimpse of the early-blooming cherry blossoms. Now, before we all begin loading up on the chocolate that the Easter bunny is bringing this weekend, I thought I’d give you some healthier food for thought: the most-popular Social Reader stories of the past few weeks.

Top Secret Locales and Angry Birds Galore

While most readers moved past the Linsanity craze (get well soon!), a fascination with the idea of public visibility and the social media frenzy remained: the latest, most popular internet tale revealed that Google Maps hasn’t actually completed mapping out the entire world — yet. According to Mashable‘s  “10 Places You’re Not Allowed to See on Google Maps,” areas of North Korea, the Netherlands Royal Palace, and various other locales have been deliberately blurred. Guess my trip to that mysterious air field in the Siberian tundra will be a little more difficult than I thought…

Second on the list, picked up by our always health-conscious readers, Men’s Health Magazine‘s “The Office Habit That’s Killing You” informed us cubicle-dwellers that constantly sitting down at work increases our risk of dying by 40%. That statistic should be reason enough to get up and wander over to the water cooler right away.

Last, but certainly not least, if you live in Europe, and can’t get enough of Angry Birds, there’s some good news coming your way: As the Mashable article “Angry Birds Theme Parks Coming to Europe” spells out, your favorite bird-slinging game will be coming to a theme park near you. Get those slingshots ready.

Until next time, keep up with all the latest news by following Social Reader on Twitter. I’ll be checking in to see what’s piquing your interest — if I make it back from that top-secret air field, that is. Wish me luck.

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