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What You’re Reading: Presidential Kisses and Summertime Snacks

What have you been reading recently? Last time I checked in, the story of a breakout basketball star and a collection of hidden Google Map locations were the most popular articles circulating amongst Social Reader fans. And this week? According to our data analysis, nutty treats, a presidential kiss, and the painful journey of an egg donor are the stories that have captivated the Washington Post Social Reader’s Twitter audience. Quite the eclectic mix.

Presidential Kisses and Summertime Snacks

With the headline “Matt Damon: ‘I Would Kiss Bush on the Mouth’ for his AIDS Work,” The Atlantic’s interview of the Hollywood star promises quite the scoop from the start. In discussing his personal mission as co-founder of water.org, an NGO designed to enable people around the world to create their own clean water sources, Damon goes into detail about his political leanings and predictions. Predominant in the article is his exuberant praise for former president George W. Bush’s foreign aid efforts – apparently, he could kiss him for it. And that’s a mental image not easily discarded.

In another popular story from The Atlantic, “Confessions of an Egg Donor,” author Catherine Lacey spoke about the perils and emotional consequences of egg donation from personal experience, and the long-lasting curiosity about her potential offspring that she still harbors, years after donating her eggs.

And rounding out the top three stories of the week, Men’s Health‘s “The Best Snack for Your Belly” detailed the many wonderful health properties in nuts and advised us all to consider adding them to our diet. Salty snacks just in time for swim suit season? Count me in.

If you have a comment about the top stories of the week, or come across a story on The Washington Post Social Reader’s Twitter feed that you think I should highlight in my next post, let me know by sending a quick note or leaving a comment below.

Until next time, I’ll be munching on my favorite summertime snack and trying to clear the image of a George Bush/Matt Damon lip lock from my mind.

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