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Crowdsourcing the Closet With Fashion Apps

Most of us wake up each day facing the same, age-old question: What should I wear?

Well, we’ve got your answer: Social is the new black.

Social sharing is all rage these days. Services like Instagram for photos, Spotify for music, or Wapo Labs’ very own Social Reader for news make large swaths of your life available for all to see. And now, thanks to a host of new apps, you can easily share another aspect of daily life with friends and strangers alike: what you wear.

Crowdsourcing the Closet With Fashion Apps

There is no shortage of fashion blogs online, but our two top picks go to The Sartorialist for its excellent take on street fashion around the globe and Go Fug Yourself for its sidesplitting dive into the snark tank. One disadvantage of sites like these, however, is that users lack the ability to interact with one another and share their own fashion sensibilities. The blogs are social in the sense that one can share tweets and follow Facebook posts, but they lack an interactive social layer.

But this limitation seems to be changing with a new assortment of fashion apps that are more social in nature. For us, two apps stand out: Go Try It On lets users share photos of outfits and get feedback from others in the online community. Users can also follow key style bloggers and “Shop the Look” to poach the best ideas for their wardrobes from the experts. And the brilliantly named Fashism lets users post photos as well, but limits the voting to a more cryptic “Love It” or “Leave It” decree.

Will this latest trend in showing off our fashion sense become the new norm  — or will our style choices retreat back into the closet?

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