Do Hybrid Cars Use Gas - 3 Main Types Of Hybrid Car


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Do hybrid cars use gas – 3 main types of hybrid car

Do hybrid cars use gas been asked by a lot of people? How does the mode work? What should I pay attention to when using? Hybrid vehicles are considered a leap forward for the modern automotive industry. This is considered an environmentally friendly model when it comes to saving fuel and reducing emissions. The topic of hybrid cars is quite interesting and Wapolabs will give you all the information related in this post.

What is a hybrid car?

Hybrids are vehicles that use more than two engines. One of them can be an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. The combination of 2 or more engines helps the model improve the mileage traveled for an increased fuel refueling. This also means that fuel consumption will be significantly reduced when using hybrid vehicles.

The first hybrid car debuted in 1899, built by Pieper, Belgium’s Liège and the French electric transmission company Vedovelli and Priestly. Through a long process of research and development, it was not until the 90s that the concept of electric hybrid vehicles really became attractive.

Japanese automakers have been instrumental in commercializing this model.In 1997, Toyota launched the Toyota Prius hybrid sedan. At the same time, Honda also launched the Honda Civic and Honda Civic hybrids. These are considered the first cars to mark the official commercialization of hybrid cars in the modern era.

The structure of hybrid vehicles is similar to vehicles using conventional internal combustion engines. The motor connects to the drive system to drive the wheels. However, hybrid vehicles have an additional electric motor that shares the task of driving or supporting an internal combustion engine.

Definition of hybrid car
Definition of hybrid car

For this mechanism to coordinate smoothly and operate smoothly, it is necessary to have some other support parts such as batteries and power adapters. A battery (or high-voltage battery) is a device that helps store and power an electric motor. The power converter converts the engine’s power source into multiple sections for various uses such as driving the vehicle and charging the battery.

Hybrid vehicles, due to the use of both internal combustion engines and electric motors in parallel, will use less fuel than vehicles using conventional internal combustion engines. According to the data of many models with parallel versions of regular and hybrid versions, the hybrid version has a fuel consumption of 30-50% lower than the traditional engine version. This is one of the biggest advantages of hybrid vehicles.

How do hybrid cars work? 

Do hybrid cars use gas?

Do hybrid cars use regular gas? The answer is yes and hybrid cars will not be able to work without a gasoline engine. If only batteries are used, hybrid vehicles can only run for limited distances. The driving distance can be only a few kilometers.This distance depends on the SOC and driving conditions at that time.

Do hybrid cars use gas?
Do hybrid cars use gas?

Do hybrid cars use gas and electricity at the same time?

Do hybrid cars use gas and electricity? The name of the hybrid says it all. Hybrid vehicles are vehicles that use gas and electricity simultaneously and will work most optimally when using these two sources of fuel and energy. Hybrid vehicles due to the parallel use of both internal combustion engines and electric motors. And this is the biggest advantage of this type of car. The use of gasoline and electricity at the same time helps hybrid vehicles save fuel.

Do hybrid cars use gas?
Do hybrid cars use gas?

Can a hybrid car run on just gas?

Yes, hybrid vehicles usually operate alternately between gasoline and electric engines. The electric motor will only be used when the car is moving on a flat, urban or street road,…

Particularly, the gasoline engine will be converted when the car moves to muddy, gravel roads or needs to accelerate quickly to go uphill, bridge or high hills,…

Can hybrids run without gas?

Technically, a hybrid car can run without gas but just for a few miles, it depends on driving conditions as mentioned above. If it can fully run without gas, it basically an electric car.

Can hybrids run without gas?
Can hybrids run without gas?

Type of hybrid cars 

Full hybrid

This is the most popular hybrid car model today. This type of engine usually uses an electric motor of 30-70 kW along with a gasoline engine. Thanks to the use of a more powerful electric motor and a large battery, the car can operate each engine individually.

In addition, the battery of an electric motor can charge itself with the energy supplied from the internal combustion engine. Full hybrid cars can run entirely on electricity or a combination of both.

Typically, electric motors usually operate individually in the low and medium speed range. Although it only travels a short distance, the battery can quickly charge itself with an internal combustion engine.In this type of vehicle, the internal combustion engine is both responsible for transmitting power to the car and generating energy to charge the battery to power the engine.

When do hybrid cars use gas and electricity? In general, with full hybrid vehicles, the electric motor almost works throughout the vehicle’s operation. And the gasoline engine will participate in situations where the car needs great traction such as when accelerating or running at high speed.

Some current full hybrid models include Toyota Prius, Toyota Corolla Hybrid, Toyota Camry hybrid, Toyota Corolla Cross hybrid, Toyota RAV4 hybrid,…

Toyota RAV4 hybrid
Toyota RAV4 hybrid

Mild hybrid

Mild hybrid light-duty electric hybrid vehicles. In this model, the electric motor only serves as a support for the internal combustion engine, which cannot operate independently like the Full hybrid model.

The main task of the electric motor is to allow the internal combustion engine to stop working when the car is in a state of plunge, braking hard, pausing,…and quickly restart after that.

Compared to full-hybrid systems, mild-hybrids have a lower cost due to their simple construction and low production costs. In fact, mild-hybrid cars only save 10-15% of fuel and are not as good as full-hybrid cars.

Mild-hybrid systems are often used by many luxury car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo,..use on its car models.

Mercedes-Benz C200 Mild hybrid
Mercedes-Benz C200 Mild hybrid

Plug-in hybrid

Plug-in hybrids are hybrid vehicles that also use electric motors and internal combustion engines, but the batteries of electric motors are not fully charged by the internal combustion engine, but must be charged by connecting to an external power source through a plug.

In terms of principle of operation, plug-in hybrid vehicles are similar to full hybrid cars, but the distance traveled when self-operating electric motors will be longer thanks to the large battery capacity. In the event that the battery runs out, the internal combustion engine still drives normally.

Compared to other hybrid vehicles, PHEVs are better able to save fuel and reduce emissions. However, the disadvantage of this model is that the charging system is not really optimal, many users only use PHEVs like a regular car.

Some commercial vehicles applying plug-in hybrid systems include Mitsubishi Outlander, Audi Q7 E-tron,…

Audi Q7 E-tron plug in hybrid
Audi Q7 E-tron plug in hybrid

Bottom line

In fact, hybrid models still have their own advantages and disadvantages, so the choice of buying a car depends on the preferences of each person. The article already specifies whether hybrids run on gasoline or not. Hope the article “Do hybrid cars use gas – 3 main types of hybrid car” was helpful to you

FAQ related to Hybrid cars        

Do hybrid cars use less gas?

Absolutely yes. With the help of electric motors, hybrid cars will help save fuel from the internal combustion engine. Therefore, hybrid cars use less gas. 

What kind of gas do hybrid cars use?

Which type of gas do hybrid cars use? Hybrids use the same types of gasoline as those with only one internal combustion engine. So, you can refuel your hybrid at any gas station.

How much gas do hybrid cars use?

Depending on the hybrid model, the amount of gasoline used varies. For example, full hybrid cars will use less, while mild hybrids will use more gasoline. And it will also depend on the hybrid model to determine the amount of gasoline that these cars consume.


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