Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor: 3 Best Watches Review


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Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor: 3 Best Watches Review

With the development of remote patient monitoring devices, you now can keep track of your health even when you’re on the go, thanks to wearable blood pressure monitors and fitness trackers.

Some of these devices also monitor step counts and sleep habits. Additionally, wrist blood pressure devices that don’t mimic watches are readily available. These larger devices are mainly designed for domestic use. And you may wonder if watch monitoring likely gain blood pressure. Read on to know more.

Wearable blood pressure monitors
Wearable blood pressure monitors

Can You Take Pressure Accuracy Using Wearable Blood Pressure Monitors Smart Watch?

An important biometric that may tell you a lot about what’s occurring within your body is blood pressure. It’s crucial to monitor your blood pressure readings, especially as you age or if you’re pregnant, even if you don’t have high blood pressure that has already been diagnosed or a family history of the problem.

Undiagnosed and untreated high blood pressure can lead to a variety of issues, such as heart disease and damage to the optic nerve. Knowing your blood pressure will help you and your doctor evaluate whether you need to change your diet, exercise routine, or medication.

It’s best to have accessibility to the ability to take measurements frequently since blood pressure can change throughout the day. However, in the past, the majority of individuals could only obtain an accurate blood pressure reading at a doctor’s office. Consumer-friendly blood pressure monitors may be more useful because you can use them at home, but they may not be comfortable enough to wear continuously.

Upper arm cuff-style blood pressure monitors are said to give more accurate readings than wrist or finger monitors, according to the American Heart Association. One reason for this is the requirement that the monitor is positioned at a heart level with the upper arm resting close to the heart in order to acquire a blood pressure reading.

Some watches include instructions to keep your wrist on your heart during readings in order to imitate the readings provided by upper arm blood pressure monitors. You can acquire the most accurate reading possible by adhering to these tips.

Comparing your watch’s readings to those acquired in a medical setting is a useful approach to assess its accuracy. You can accomplish this by taking your wearable blood pressure monitors watch to your doctor’s appointment and testing yourself right away after the doctor checks your upper arm cuff.

Wearable Blood Pressure Monitors Smart Watch
Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor Smart Watch

Our Picks For The Best Wearable Blood Pressure Monitors Watches

  • Omron HeartGuide

Battery life: 2 days per charge

Waterproof: no

When you wish to take your blood pressure, you fill a cuff inside the watchband using this wearable blood pressure monitors device, which has gained FDA clearance, blood pressure sensor Readings usually take 30 seconds.

It links to the HeartAdvisor companion app, which gives you information about your readings. This app collects and saves your data in the form of colored graphs that enable you to find patterns in your readings based on variables like exercise and the time of day. It is possible to download the HeartAdvisor app for both iOS and Android devices.


This wearable blood pressure monitor watch includes several other functions in addition to measuring blood pressure, and readings are quick and precise. It also allows you to monitor and keep an eye on your sleep and exercise goals. Even if you have difficulty seeing close-ups, the display is easy to read. When you get texts or emails, the watch can alert you, and the manufacturer offers an extended warranty to cover your purchase.


According to some reviews, this watch is unwieldy and uncomfortable to wear as a blood pressure monitor wearable. It’s crucial that you get the proper size for your wrist watch blood pressure. This watch can be too heavy for those with thin wrists. The price, which ranks first on our list, maybe the biggest con of all. Despite being very expensive, the watch doesn’t seem to be waterproof.

Omron HeartGuide
Omron HeartGuide
  • FitVII Smartwatch

Battery life: 3 to 10 days

Waterproof: yes

Blood pressure and heart rate readings are taken by this fitness and sleep tracker, and they are stored in a companion app. Some consumers claim that it is remarkably reliable in internet reviews, especially for a cheap watch.


Both a heart rate alarm and a fatigue test are also included. A system that alerts you to get up when you’ve been sitting too long is among the other interesting features. This watch is waterproof while being priced to fit a smaller budget. Various color bands are available for you to select from, depending on your tastes. On the wireless charging station, no wires are required for charging.


No one will mistake this wearable blood pressure monitor watch for a regular watch since it isn’t the most stylish of the lot. Even though the screen is somewhat small, the display is supposed to be simple to read. This watch doesn’t seem to have a warranty, however, if the strap does break, you can buy a replacement.

FitVII wearable blood pressure monitors smartwatch
FitVII wearable blood pressure monitor smartwatch
  • MorePro Activity Tracker

Battery life: 5 days

Waterproof: some water resistance

Apple and Android phones are both compatible with this fitness tracker. Like more expensive fitness trackers, it also has an app you can use to track your daily activity and vitals.


This device offers a ton of functionality for an activity tracker at the bottom end of the price range. In addition to measuring blood pressure, it contains a pedometer, blood oxygen level readings, an app to track it all, and a built-in GPS. You may easily try to sleep while wearing it and wake up knowing how well you sleep since it isn’t bulky or thick. Even a 180-day warranty is offered.


Since the MorePro Activity Tracker is not a medical device, the FDA has not approved it to verify its claims. This isn’t always the best or most precise way to measure your blood pressure; instead, it’s more of a tool to track your overall health. Since the display is so small, not everyone will find it easy to read.

MorePro Activity Tracker
MorePro Activity Tracker

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How To Choose The Best Blood Pressure Watches

Users have stated that the blood pressure monitor watches on this list deliver accurate or almost accurate results, so we chose them. They are produced by honest firms that don’t make exaggerated claims. We reviewed a ton of customer reviews across numerous websites and researched the history and reputation of each business.

The price of blood pressure monitor watches obviously varies. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared watches on our list are much more expensive than the blood pressure monitor fitness trackers. Furthermore, they frequently cost more than at-home monitoring like blood pressure bracelets and upper arm cuffs. Generally speaking, the fitness trackers we’ve selected are less expensive than monitors for your home.

Before you start shopping for a wearable device that monitors your blood pressure, you should determine what features are most important to you.

You must first decide whether you want a fitness tracker that also provides blood pressure readings or a wearable blood pressure monitor that also displays the time. If you want a blood pressure monitor that you can wear, you might want to buy one of the products the FDA has approved. There are no FDA regulations yet in place for fitness trackers.

Next, think about how your lifestyle will need to fit the device. While certain devices can’t even be on the bathroom counter while you take a steaming shower, others can’t even be worn while swimming due to their extreme water resistance. Also, acquaint yourself with the battery life of your desired device since some require frequent recharging.

It depends on the device you currently use to display. Ask yourself:

  • Does the design make sense?
  • Will you have no difficulty reading the screen?
  • Do you think you can use all of the device’s functions and maximize its worth by browsing its menu?

Some fitness trackers and blood pressure cuffs can sync with both Apple and Android devices, while others cannot. Before you buy, make sure your chosen device is functional.

Look around to compare prices to make sure you’re buying something you can afford. Some products don’t cost a lot up front, but you might need to purchase a monthly service plan to keep the equipment functional.

Lastly, verify that your transaction is insured. Look for manufacturers who provide at least a 1-year warranty and free returns or exchanges within 30 days when choosing among the many options available.

How To Choose The Best Blood Pressure Watches
How To Choose The Best Blood Pressure Watches

How Accurate Are Blood Pressure Measuring Watches?

It’s something really hard to know. The best way to make sure is to use a medical-grade device to compare many readings.

Available Research

Blood pressure monitor watches and fitness trackers with a heart rate reading feature have not passed extensive testing for accuracy.

The accuracy of particular watch models has been the focus of a few short studies, with varying levels of success. Positive findings were discovered in a 2020 study, however, the study’s revenue comes from a watchmaker. Another study from 2020 had negative findings and researchers declared conflicts of interest.

FDA Clearance vs. FDA Approval

Some wrist blood pressure watches are promoted as FDA-cleared medical devices. FDA approval and clearance are not the same things.

Wrist watch for blood pressure is classified as class I or class II low-risk medical devices, as opposed to class III medical devices that maintain or sustain life. FDA commercial public is not required for low-risk medical devices. The performance of the watch you purchase is not assured by the FDA.

These watches still have benefits, though. They could produce results that are precise or almost accurate and provide useful information, such as if you have high blood pressure while pregnant. They could also tell you how your blood pressure varies throughout the activity.

Just remember not to use watches as your only method of blood pressure monitoring. If you have hypertension (high blood pressure) or use medications that make you susceptible to hypotension, this may be particularly crucial for you (low blood pressure).

How Accurate Are Blood Pressure Measuring Watches?
How Accurate Are Blood Pressure Measuring Watches?

The Bottom Line

Although this has not been proven in extensive studies, blood pressure monitor watches might give accurate readings. Instead of a fitness tracker with this feature, it would make sense to choose a watch made specifically for this use in order to collect the most accurate, consistent data.

People who want to check their readings numerous times a day may benefit from blood pressure monitor watches. People who want to check their blood pressure and heart rate both before and after exercising may find value in fitness trackers with this feature.

If you have a health condition such as hypertension, don’t rely on a wearable blood pressure monitor exclusively for your readings. No watch takes the place of monitoring by a healthcare professional.


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