5 Years Later, God of War Fans Are Still Doing Impressive Valkyrie Challenges


  • God of War fans are still challenging themselves to beat the game’s toughest bosses, the Valkyries, in impressive ways, even five years after its release.
  • A player named Thousand_PunchesMan fought two Valkyries, Olrun and Rota, at level 1 without any upgrades, on the highest difficulty setting, and managed to defeat them without taking any damage.
  • The player’s accomplishment has impressed many fans, who commend their skill and dedication, with some jokingly remarking that they would have given up after six minutes. The player has also completed the game’s story at level 1 and continues to hunt down Valkyries.

God of War came out over five years ago, but some fans are still challenging themselves to beat its Valkyries in impressive ways. God of War launched to critical acclaim on PS4 in 2018, and the game was eventually ported to PC in 2022.

God of War featured a number of changes from the previous games, most notably a completely different over-the-shoulder camera angle and a big emphasis on upgrading equipment. It also offered a bunch of side content, with the Valkyries being some of the toughest bosses in the game. Since its release, a number of fans have challenged themselves to beat these Valkyries with certain restrictions in place. It looks like some God of War players are still completing these challenges, over five years after its original release.

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A user named Thousand_PunchesMan has shared two videos on Reddit featuring their fights against Olrun and Rota in God of War. The player has confirmed that they fought these enemies at level 1 without any upgrades, making already difficult battles even more challenging. Furthermore, they were playing on Give Me God of War, the highest difficulty option in the game, managing to defeat both opponents without taking damage. As a result, it took Thousand_PunchesMan around 12 to 14 minutes to finish each fight in God of War.

Many users in the comments sections of both God of War posts appear highly impressed, with some fans wondering why Thousand_PunchesMan decided to go through this challenge. One player calls Thousand_PunchesMan a madman, while a few others comment on the level of skill and dedication required to complete this task. One fan jokingly states that they would’ve gone to sleep after around six minutes, while the rest of the comments feature more users congratulating Thousand_PunchesMan on a job well done.

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The poster has also confirmed that they recently managed to finish the story of God of War at level 1, and they are now hunting down Valkyries whenever they play it. This is followed by a discussion on the strategies they utilize in the video, with some comments on the difficulty of God of War Ragnarok and how it compares to 2018’s God of War. According to Thousand_PunchesMan, the first half of God of War is unbalanced, whereas they managed to finish multiple runs of God of War Ragnarok at level 1 without much trouble.

God of War is available now on PC and PS4.

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