Adorable Pokemon Fan Art Fuses Charmander and Gastly


  • Pokemon fan art often features fusions of different Pokemon, allowing artists to imagine what new creatures would look like.
  • This particular fan art combines Generation 1 Pokemon Charmander and Gastly into an adorable new creature with Charmander’s shape and Gastly’s colors and features.
  • Charmander, as one of the most popular starter Pokemon, is a common subject for fan art, while Gastly is not featured quite as frequently.

Adorable new Pokemon fan art shows what it would look like if Generation 1 Pokemon Charmander and Gastly were fused together. Pokemon fan art has been prevalent since the franchise exploded in popularity in the 90s. There are all kinds of fan art trends in the Pokemon community, with fusion fan art proving to be especially common.

For decades, artists have offered their interpretations of what two Pokemon would look like if they were fused together. Even with over 1,000 Pokemon, fans of the franchise can find fan art of nearly any Pokemon fusion combination they can think of, with fresh art being produced every single day.

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Most recently, artist and Reddit user isacmirandaart shared their vision for what Generation 1 Pokemon Charmander and Gastly would look like if fused into a brand-new creature, and the results are adorable. This new Pokemon keeps the general shape of Charmander, but with Gastly’s black and purple color scheme. The creature also has Gastly’s face, including its large eyes and sharp fangs. The flame on Charmander’s tail has been charged from yellow and orange to looking more like Gastly’s purple gas. The post has garnered nearly 2,000 upvotes at the time of this writing, so it’s clear many Pokemon fans are impressed with the art.

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Starter Pokemon are featured in fan art regularly, but Charmander’s status as one of the most popular starter Pokemon of all time means he’s likely one of the most common subjects for fan art. Gastly, meanwhile, is not nearly as popular as Charmander, and in fact, Gastly’s evolution Gengar seems to be featured in fan art a lot more frequently.

Both Charmander and Gastly are Generation 1 Pokemon, though, and so both have been in a healthy amount of fan art. The Generation 1 Pokemon games remain wildly popular to this day, with the original 151 Pokemon still being some of the most easily-recognizable creatures that the long-running franchise has produced. Some newer Pokemon have managed to become icons in their own right, though it’s always tough to outdo the original 151.

That hasn’t stopped Game Freak and The Pokemon Company from trying, with brand-new Pokemon introduced with each of the franchise’s main series entries. The inevitable Generation 10 Pokemon games will add even more new creatures to the mix, though it remains to be seen when those games will actually be revealed to the public.

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