Ahsoka Cast Pays Tribute To Ray Stevenson With The Perfect Image


  • Fans bid farewell to the live-action series “Star Wars: Ahsoka” and actor Ray Stevenson, who passed away after filming his role as Baylan Skoll.
  • Stevenson portrayed Skoll, a former Jedi who broke ties with the Jedi Order after Order 66. This was one of his last onscreen roles, leaving a void felt by many, including his scene partner Ivanna Sakhno.
  • Fellow cast members posted touching tributes to Stevenson, highlighting his impact on set and his impressive acting career, which included roles in shows like “Rome” and “Dexter.” Stevenson’s portrayals made him a standout in Hollywood and he will be greatly missed.

With the Star Wars: Ahsoka finale available on Disney Plus, fans said goodbye to the live-action series and Ray Stevenson, who died after filming his role as Baylan Skoll.

During the events of Ahsoka, Stevenson portrays Skoll, who once called himself a Jedi but now has a new outlook on the order. After Order 66 and the fall of the Empire, he severed ties with the Jedi Order that established a cult-like system when they were still fighting as peacekeepers for the galaxy. Skoll will be one of Stevenson’s last onscreen roles, a loss many have felt, including his scene partner, Ivanna Sakhno. The actor who portrays Skoll’s apprentice, Shin Hati, posted her farewell following the conclusion of Ahsoka.

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“For my friend Ray,” Sakhno wrote on Instagram. “Forever your Wolf.” She posted a picture of the Norse wolves, Skoll and Hati, which were taken as presumed inspirations for the master and apprentice. The Norse characters are depicted in mythology as chasing the sun and the moon across the sky, hoping they will be able to consume them. Similarly, Skoll and Hati in Ahsoka are rarely seen without each other, chasing Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) and Ezra Bridger (Eman Esfandi) into an unknown galaxy.

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Other cast members added to the touching tribute after it was posted. Rosario Dawson wrote, “Grateful for you always Ray. Thank you for deepening and enriching every moment. You will forever inspire.” Morgan Elsbeth actor Diana Lee Inosanto posted, “‘To Ray, our ‘Poetry in Motion’, May we always be reminded of you when we look to the stars.” This is not the first time members posted tributes after Stevenson’s passing. Sakhno also posted on her Instagram following news of Stevenson’s death, which occurred after filming was complete. “I carry your light within me. Fly freely, Blackbird.”

Stevenson had an impact on everyone he interacted with on set. The actor has been a Titan in the entertainment industry, putting weight into his incredible acting ability in iconic roles during the mid-aughts. Stevenson played Titus Pullo in HBO’s short-lived but underrated prestige drama Rome. From there, he has been a part of productions big and small, from Denzel Washington’s Book of Eli to playing one of Dexter’s best villains on the Showtime series. The Rome actor injected significant nuance into a series that is ultimately just about a serial killer who kills serial killers. Starring Isaak Sirko in season 7, his biggest motivation in Dexter was to find out who killed his lover. Not a heavy-weight serial killer by any stretch of the imagination, the character was just the head of the Ukranian mob with a personal ax to grind with Dexter (Michael C. Hall). Stevenson’s thoughtful portrayals made him a standout in Hollywood, and as his costars demonstrated, he will be sorely missed.

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Star Wars: Ahsoka season 1 is streaming on Disney Plus.

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Source: Ivanna Sakhno/Instagram

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