Ahsoka Finale Dropped Another Star Wars: The Clone Wars Connection In Baylan’s Scene


  • The season finale of Ahsoka leaves fans with more questions than answers, with the final scene hinting at the future and referencing a past Star Wars series.
  • The statue Baylan perches upon in the finale is a depiction of the Father from The Clone Wars, hinting at the theme of balance in the Force and what may come next for the show.
  • The missing statue of the Daughter raises questions about Baylan’s role and potential as a new avatar for the Force, as well as the significance of these statues on the planet Peridia. Answers may not come quickly, as is typical with Star Wars.

The following contains spoilers for the season finale of AhsokaAhsoka just aired its season finale, characteristically leaving Star Wars fans with more questions than answers. The Disney Plus series ended on a significant callback to a previous franchise entry, which is also on-brand. But what does it mean?

Fans of the late Ray Stevenson’s performance as Baylan Skoll on Ahsoka likely spent much of episode 8 wondering where the grizzled former Jedi had gone after disappearing the previous week. After the thrilling climax, viewers got one last glimpse of the character epically poised atop a giant statue somewhere on Peridia, the planet in a far-off galaxy where Ahsoka and Sabine finally found Thrawn and Ezra. Aside from feeling similar to a moment from The Lord of the Rings, this moment may hint at what’s to come for the show’s next season. Funnily enough, it does that by looking backward and referencing a past Star Wars series.

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As pointed out by The Direct, the statue Baylan perches upon depicts none other than the Father, a character that fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars should be familiar with. Next to the Father stands a similar stone statue of the Son. But while fans familiar with these characters might expect the Daughter to be there, her statue stands suspiciously in ruins. So, who are these people, and how do their statues tie into Ahsoka?

Baylan Skoll (Ray Stevenson) on the Star Wars series Ahsoka standing on a statue of the Father, while a statue of the Son and a ruined statue of the Daughter flank it

The Father, the Son, and the Daughter all appeared during a 3-episode arc of The Clone Wars set on the mysterious planet Mortis. Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi (along with Ahsoka Tano) were lured there by the Father, the living embodiment of balance in the Force. The Son, meanwhile, represented the dark side while the Daughter did the same for the light side. During the story arc, all 3 of them perish due to the eternal conflict between light and dark. In her final act, the Daughter used her remaining life force to bring Ahsoka back to life after she was killed by the Son.

But it seems that the deaths of their physical bodies didn’t spell the end, as the orange lightsaber-wielding Baylan had previously mentioned he’d heard someone or something calling to him earlier in Ahsoka. This last shot of him seemingly indicates it was one of these 3 entities. Anakin seemingly brought balance to the Force on Mortis when he killed the Son (after the Daughter and the Father had already died), so this focus on balance may play into Baylan’s future.

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So now there are plenty more questions circling Baylan and the Ahsoka series. Does he seek to become a new avatar for the Force? Why is the Daughter the only one missing? Why are these statues on the planet Peridia in the first place? Of course, that’s even aside from speculation on whether Baylan will be recast after Stevenson’s heartbreaking passing. Here’s hoping fans don’t have to wait too long for answers. Unfortunately, this is Star Wars.

Ahsoka season 1 is available to stream on Disney Plus.

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Source: The Direct

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