Ahsoka: These Easter Eggs Reveal More Ties To Star Wars Rebels


  • Despite claims that viewers don’t need to watch Star Wars Rebels to understand Ahsoka, the two shows share a strong connection.
  • Ahsoka season 1 includes several nods and Easter eggs to Rebels, such as Sabine’s paint sprayers and a scout trooper helmet.
  • The hideout in Ahsoka is filled with artistic touches, including references to creatures from Rebels and a stylized phoenix design.

Even as Ahsoka season 1 draws to a close on Disney Plus, more fun background details continue to pop up for eagle-eyed Star Wars fans. Here’s a fresh batch to help ease the pain of seeing the season end while still carrying that hope for more.

Despite claims that viewers don’t need to watch Star Wars Rebels to understand Ahsoka, there’s no denying the two shows share a connection. This is evident right from the beginning with Ahsoka‘s focus on characters like Mandalorian warrior and artist Sabine Wren and General Hera Syndulla, two of the main characters in Rebels. But aside from that element, the show also features some less apparent nods to the fan-favorite animated series. They were present back in episode 1.

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As revealed by StarWars.com, these Easter Eggs couldn’t have a more official confirmation of their authenticity. The site looked through Sabine’s makeshift hidey hole in a tower on Lothal previously inhabited by her dear friend Ezra Bridger. Fans immediately noticed that she made the place her own, but there may have been a few specific elements they missed. For one, viewers can see a set of Sabine’s paint sprayers, used heavily throughout Rebels when she showed off her artistic side by personalizing everything from walls to helmets and even entire starships. Despite Ahsoka focusing more on Sabine’s Jedi training, it’s nice to see she hasn’t let go of that identity.

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Speaking of helmets, another detail involves one owned by Ezra long before he became one of Ahsoka‘s main driving forces. Star Wars Rebels season 3 saw Sabine add some flair to a scout trooper helmet for Ezra, effectively destroying any espionage potential it had but making it look extra snazzy. A pile of unpainted stormtrooper helmets lays nearby, right next to a seat painted like her designated spot on the Ghost ship, piloted by Hera in Rebels and now in Ahsoka. Looks like Sabine’s nostalgia touches on more than just the creative side.

But those concerned that Sabine has lost her artistic flair can rest easy, as the hideout is still filled with tons of spray-painted goodness. Aside from references to her friends on the Ghost crew from Star Wars Rebels, the walls are adorned with plenty of callbacks to creatures like Loth-cats, Loth-wolves, and the adorable yet troublesome puffer pigs from an episode of Rebels. But they also include a blazing stylized phoenix design noting her time with the Phoenix Squadron of fighter pilots and a rather laughably dark design denoting stormtrooper kills.

As if that all wasn’t enough, the room included so many Easter eggs that some never even appeared onscreen. This includes an owl-like convor, the same species as the mysterious Morai, who seems to have guided some events throughout the Star Wars franchise and one whom many fans have expected to see in a cameo on Ahsoka at some point. It’s clear a ton of effort was put into Ahsoka, and another potential season would undoubtedly offer that same level of detail that fans love to see.

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Ahsoka is available to stream on Disney Plus.

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Source: StarWars.com

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