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Animal Crossing Fan Crochets Neat Bell Bag Based on the Games


A creative Animal Crossing fan has made a crochet Bell bag, based off the design seen in the games. Fellow fans are impressed at their efforts, especially as they’re fairly new to crochet.

In Animal Crossing, the Bell bag is an item holding a set amount of the game’s standard in-game currency, Bells. The small sack’s repeated appearances in the games have made it iconic for fans, leading some to want to bring the item into the real world for personal use.

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Reddit user and Animal Crossing fan strawberry__daifuku shared their take on the Bell bag with fellow fans on the site’s main Animal Crossing series subreddit. The bag replicates the shape and colors of the in-game object perfectly, with a big star on the side and a red string holding it closed. While a Bell bag prop would be appreciated by many fans, several were outspoken at how they thought it was cool that this could be used as a real bag, as it’s shown both open and secured shut.

Strawberry__daifuku apparently created this bag with the intent of using it as a coin purse, mimicking its original purpose. Several fellow fans had questions for strawberry__daifuku, who graciously responded. Apparently, strawberry__daifuku is still learning how to crochet, but managed to produce the base bag design without a pattern. The star was based upon a pattern they found online, and the whole project took them three days, though they noted a more experienced crocheter might be able to make one in a single day.

Unfortunately for those who were ready to spend their Animal Crossing Bells or real-world cash to purchase the bag, it’s not for sale, and the creator doesn’t have any current plans for that to change. However, the post seems to have inspired many other gamers, who have expressed a desire to create their own versions of the bag. One commenter expressed an interest in making one to hold cat treats, and strawberry__daifuku liked the idea enough to consider doing the same.

Animal Crossing fans are a creative bunch, with many impressive fan art and creative efforts emerging regularly. This creativity is also seen in the games themselves, as fans have painstakingly built and fabricated all kinds of clever creations in-game. While many players are likely hopeful for the next Animal Crossing game to be announced, it’s clear that the adoration of the titles isn’t going anywhere, even if players have to wait a while for a new game.

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