Animal Crossing is Getting an Official LEGO Set


  • Nintendo and LEGO have announced a collaboration to release LEGO sets based on the popular Animal Crossing franchise, following the success of their previous partnership with the LEGO Super Mario set.
  • The announcement came in the form of a short trailer on Nintendo’s Twitter page, giving fans a sneak peek at the minifigs and set pieces that will be included in the Animal Crossing LEGO sets.
  • Fans are already speculating about potential set ideas and eagerly awaiting more from the franchise.

Nintendo and LEGO are officially teaming up to release sets based on the ever-popular Animal Crossing franchise. Animal Crossing is a simulation video game that gives players the freedom to interact with a host of colorful animal characters while participating in relaxing activities such as fishing and insect collecting.

This latest announcement from Nintendo adds another well-loved franchise to its list of team-ups with LEGO since starting in 2020. Their partnership yielded one of the most successful LEGO sets – the interactive LEGO Super Mario set, which hit the best-sellers list on Amazon less than a week after launch. Other Nintendo and LEGO collaborations include the NES set, Super Mario Mighty Bowser set, and the upcoming Super Mario Piranha Plant.

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Nintendo dropped an eleven-second-long trailer on its Twitter page earlier today, revealing the Animal Crossing collaboration with LEGO. The short video titled “Welcome to…LEGO Animal Crossing” allowed fans to get a sneak peek of the minifigs of some beloved characters, like the ever-helpful Isabelle and everyone’s favorite landlord, Tom Nook. Also available in the trailer was a glimpse of set pieces, such as a blue balloon, yellow and pink flowers, and various fruit trees.

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There were rumors since August this year from reliable leakers that the next franchise to get LEGO sets would be Animal Crossing. What’s more, the leaks suggest that there will be multiple sets with price points ranging from $14.99 for a 170-piece set to $74.99 for a more expensive 535-piece set. The leaker’s estimated release date is said to be by March 2024. For now, however, these are just rumors, as the trailer did not give fans any concrete details beyond the announcement.

Animal Crossing is one of Nintendo’s more popular franchises with the brand gaining even more of a following after becoming a comfort game for many during the COVID-19 pandemic. With most countries maintaining social distancing rules, the game allowed people to connect with each other digitally. It was so popular one couple had their wedding in Animal Crossing after canceling the ceremony because of the pandemic.

Speculation of what the sets could potentially be have already begun – with the Dodo Airport and Nook’s Cranny being fan favorites. A concept of Nook’s Cranny was previously submitted to LEGO Ideas but was ultimately not selected. With no new announcement of a sequel to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, fans are eager for more of the franchise even three years after the release. The reveal of the Animal Crossing LEGO collaboration is an excellent way to tide fans over until the inevitable sequel.

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