Apex Legends Players Want Popular LTM to Be Made Permanent


  • Apex Legends players are keen for the Three Strikes game mode to become a permanent feature, as it brings joy and provides a more forgiving experience.
  • The quick return of Three Strikes after being removed suggests that developer Respawn Entertainment is listening to player feedback and may consider making the mode permanent in the future.
  • Three Strikes is not only popular among newcomers but also veteran players who appreciate the ability to quickly jump back into the action.

Apex Legends has removed its popular Three Strikes mode, but players want developer Respawn Entertainment to make it a permanent feature. Apex Legends just brought back the fan-favorite game mode, but it left about as quickly as it arrived, leaving players wanting more.

The popular battle royale game has introduced several LTMs (limited-time modes) since its debut in 2019, but Three Strikes is one of the more beloved game modes that Apex Legends players would like to see stick around. For those unfamiliar with the LTM, Three Strikes Mode gives squads three chances to win the match by allowing teams to respawn twice if killed. Players even get all of their loot back, aside from supply drop weapons. Essentially, this is a more forgiving mode for a game that occasionally punishes perfection.


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Now that Respawn Entertainment has once again removed Three Strikes from Apex Legends, fans are being vocal about their desire to see the mode become a permanent feature. Gamers have even been flooding the game’s subreddit to share their desire to see Three Strikes return for good. As Reddit user LengthyNoodle put it, “Three Strikes has brought back the joy of this game.” The user isn’t alone in feeling this way, as several members of the community have created posts recently echoing the sentiment. Not to mention, the announcement that Respawn was bringing back Three Strikes is one of the subreddit’s most upvoted posts from the past month.

Apex Legends typically recycles game modes every few months, but Three Strikes broke the trend as it returned days after being removed. The mode’s speedy return did indicate that Respawn is listening, however. Because of this, it perhaps suggests that the developer may yet make the mode permanent at some point. It isn’t completely without precedent, as fans wanted popular Apex Legends LTM Control to be permanent, and the developer eventually obliged.

Due to a wide range of factors, Apex Legends is considered to be one of the hardest online multiplayer games. While the game is free to play, the FPS is somewhat hard to approach for newcomers. The focus on teamwork and planning adds a layer of difficulty to an already challenging game. Even in single-player modes, the game can occasionally be plagued by poor matchmaking.

Three Strikes doesn’t fix all of these problems, but it does make the game a bit more forgiving. It’s not just for newcomers either; veteran players absolutely adore Three Strikes, as it gives fans the ability to jump back into the action even more quickly.

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