Behaviour Interactive Reveals Dead by Daylight 2024 Roadmap


  • Dead by Daylight’s 2024 roadmap reveals new changes, including reworks for certain killers to address player concerns and make the gameplay less frustrating.
  • The game will also receive long-awaited quality-of-life improvements, such as a FOV slider, and updates to various perks and killers.
  • It’s important to note that the changes listed in the roadmap may not happen on schedule, but Behaviour Interactive is working to improve the game and address player feedback.

Behaviour Interactive has released its 2024 roadmap for Dead by Daylight, revealing many of the game’s changes in the new year. Dead by Daylight‘s 2024 roadmap reveal came alongside the developer’s introduction of Chuckie to the game as the killer named The Good Guy.

Dead by Daylight‘s gameplay hasexpanded and improved since its release in 2016. These expansions and improvements are due to Behaviour Interactive releasing new killers and survivors from various sources and the new gameplay mechanics that come alongside them. The game now has 34 killers (with Chuckie of the Child’s Play franchise being the latest) and 39 survivors, each having their own unique strengths and abilities. However, having this many characters to choose from could lead to imbalances that might negatively affect the game’s fairness, which means nerfing or reworking many of the characters in Dead by Daylight‘s cast.

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How Dead by Daylight’s Chucky Disregards Past Killer Conventions

Chucky arrives in Dead by Daylight later this month and already looks to be one of Behaviour’s most unique adaptations of a licensed slasher icon.

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To better address players’ concerns about the game’s current condition, Behaviour Interactive revealed its roadmap for Dead by Daylight for 2024 during the latter part of its recent Chucky livestream. According to Behaviour Interactive Senior Product Manager Justin Banks, The Onryo, aka Ringu‘s Sadako Yamamura, is getting reworked to address players’ concerns about her condemned playstyle and putting her closer to her “initial iteration.” The Hillbilly and the Blight are also getting a rework that will make them “less frustrating.” Players complained about the former’s “overheat mechanic” being too frustrating, while the latter’s add-ons are getting an update to address player feedback. The Twins will get a “long-awaited update” that will see a power rework that addresses frustrations from players playing as and against The Twins.

Dead by Daylight 2024 roadmap screenshot

Apart from the killer updates/reworks, the Dead By Daylight 2024 roadmap also reveals that the game will soon get long-awaited quality-of-life improvements, such as a FOV (field of vision) slider. Behaviour Interactive will also add a system that detects if players are defending three generators during a match as a killer (aka Dead by Daylight‘s three-gen strategy). Lastly, the game will also receive updates to various perks like Decisive Strike, Quick Gambit, and Shadowborn, along with tweaks for The Hag, The Pig, The Huntress, and three other killers.

The updates and improvements in the roadmap Behaviour Interactive revealed span from January 2024 to June 2024, presumably until just before Dead by Daylight’s 8th-anniversary event. Players may recall that while the event doesn’t have a fixed date, it usually begins around June 14. However, Behaviour Interactive disclosed that these changes could occur on dates different from what the roadmap says. As such, players may want to givethe roadmap’s information some leeway if some of the changes listed don’t happen on schedule.

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Nevertheless, Behaviour Interactive’s introduction of a system that seemingly acts as an “anti-three-gen” system/mechanic in Dead by Daylight could be as controversial for some players as it is interesting. Although the Dead by Daylight developer didn’t explain how it would implement such a system in-game, it may reveal more details about it in a future update.

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Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game in which one player takes on the role of a Killer and the others play as “Survivors.” The Killer must hunt the Survivors, while the Survivors must escape.

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