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Classic Halo 2 and ODST Maps Recreated in Forge


A handful of some classic Halo maps have been recreated in Forge thanks to the efforts of fellow fans. The various maps are iconic locations that many fans will recognize from Halo 2 and ODST, which will bring back some fun memories for many players.

Since its birth back in 2001, the Halo franchise has become one of the most popular science fiction first-person shooters around. The launch of Halo is an important part of gaming history due to the first game in the franchise, Halo: Combat Evolved, being an exclusive launch title for the Xbox and establishing Microsoft’s console as a major player in the gaming world. In the years that followed, the Halo franchise quickly grew with multiple sequels, book adaptations, and a recent live action television series. The various games in the franchise have given many gamers great memories of playing co-op with friends or fun online matches in the many unique maps within each game.

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Thanks to Forge mode, players will be able to revisit some iconic maps from both Halo 2 and ODST. When it comes to the Halo games, the maps and locations have become some of the most memorable parts of the series, giving the game’s world its own special aesthetic and energy. The design of a game’s world is an important part of bringing it to life, and these maps have helped make Halo what it is today.

Halo 2 and ODST Maps Recreated in Forge

There are a handful of great maps that have been beautifully recreated in Forge. From Control Room to Deimos, gamers who have been with the Halo franchise for many years will instantly recognize some of these popular maps from the franchise. These maps have given a lot of Halo fans some great memories, and the creators behind these recreations have done an incredible job bringing the maps to life. Forge is an iconic Halo mode that has really helped showcase the creativity of the game’s community, and using Forge to bring back memorable maps is a great way to utilize the system.

When it comes to the franchise’s most recent release, Halo Infinite, Forge has helped keep the game alive thanks to dedicated fans introducing exciting new content, whether it’s a completely new map or an opportunity to revisit an old one. Through the years, Halo has featured a long list of unique locations that hold a lot of meaning to gamers who grew up with the franchise, which makes these map recreations all the more meaningful.

Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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