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Clever Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Discovers Alternate Use for Food


The popular life-sim Disney Dreamlight Valley continues to surprise fans with its many mechanics, such as one fan who discovered a unique use for in-game food. As fans discover new mechanics and special details in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the community continues to share innovative ideas and fun secrets from the game.

First released in August 2022, Disney Dreamlight Valley quickly captured the attention of Disney and gaming fans across the globe. The game combines fun life-sim mechanics such as character customization, feeding critters, and farming crops with the iconic characters of The Walt Disney Company and Pixar Animation Studios. Players can encounter familiar Disney faces while also making exciting new game discoveries.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley player gamergirl007 found out that cooked, or prepared, food can be used as decoration to further customize the player’s experience in the game. They discovered the fun trick when they dropped a cooked food item from their inventory as they were trying to enable furniture mode, and they realized they were prompted to pick up and place the food item while furniture mode was active. This means that any and all “cooked” food items, such as cakes and even ice cream, can be dropped from the player’s inventory and then placed for display using furniture mode. After making the discovery, gamergirl007 decided to design and decorate an arcade-themed snack bar, complete with pizza, fries, and shakes set on the counter. The popularity of customization in Disney Dreamlight Valley has greatly contributed to its positive reception among fans, and this fun discovery ensures that players have even more creative opportunities to explore.

Fellow Disney Dreamlight Valley players were also surprised by the discovery and made some suggestions as to its usefulness. Some shared the idea of making entire houses or shops themed to food, such as a Pawpsicle stand at the beach or a barbecue-laden picnic table near Buzz’s camper. One comment noted that the food items placed as decor do become permanent and will not spoil, but the food will count towards furniture limits. Disney Dreamlight Valley fan creations are frequently shared with the community, adding to the frequently expanding content of the game.

Offering up nostalgic characters and relaxing gameplay, Disney Dreamlight Valley has established itself as a go-to for many life-sim gamers. With fairly regular updates added to Disney Dreamlight Valley and existing content still surprising fans, players can look forward to plenty of fun and magic to share with the community.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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