Community Movie Had To Make A Big Switch To Ensure One Actor Returned


  • The long-awaited Community movie will be filmed in Atlanta to ensure that Donald Glover can return to play Troy Barnes, a fan-favorite character. Glover’s busy schedule with his music career and other projects made this decision necessary.
  • Harmon is concerned about the ongoing actors’ strike and the difficulty of coordinating the cast’s schedules. The production of the film is questionable at the moment due to these challenges.
  • Glover’s presence was important for the chemistry of the show, and many believe that the whole cast needs to return for the Community movie to be successful. Harmon is making efforts to ensure the cast’s participation in the film.

The long-awaited Community movie had one filming condition to ensure Donald Glover returned for the film, and Dan Harmon explains why he believes it was an important decision to make.

The passionate Community fanbase has been spreading the “SixSeasonsAndAMovie” hashtag since the series finale aired in 2015. What was once an ongoing joke within the show became a prophecy and rallying cry for fans. Over the years, themovie was met with bumps in the road until it was announced that the Community movie was officially in development and would be released on Peacock. There was still one big question: will Glover return as Troy Barnes?

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During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Harmon revealed that to ensure Glover could return to play Troy Barnes, the Community movie will film in Atlanta instead of Los Angeles. Out of all the Community cast members, Glover has been the most busy with his musical career, his FX series Atlanta, and filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Filming in Atlanta was the only way to ensure Glover could be in the movie. “And Donald was stoked,” Harmon said.

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Harmon still has some concerns with the ongoing actors’ strike and attempting to get the cast’s schedules to align. “By the time we can recoordinate, what are the odds that everyone’s schedule is going to once again align?” Harmond said. Alison Brie and Danni Pudi have said they cleared their schedule for the Community movie, but that was before the writers’ and actors’ strike. A lot could’ve happened since then, and Harmon isn’t able to communicate with them during the strike, which makes the film’s production questionable.

Glover was an important part of the chemistry of the show, and there was a void after he left in the early episodes of the fifth season. Although the show still has some good moments, it never felt the same, and many people believe that the Community movie needs the whole cast to return for it to work.

Luckily for Community fans, Harmon is doing everything he can to ensure the cast returns for the movie. Hopefully, there will be more news once the actors reach a fair deal with the studios.

The Community movie will be released on Peacock.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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