Cult Classic PS1 Game is Making a Comeback After 23 Years


  • Hogs of War, a cult classic turn-based tactics game, is getting a remaster after 23 years, bringing the underrated and hilarious game to modern gaming platforms.
  • The upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the Hogs of War remaster aims to raise £150,000 to complete the game, with stretch goals that include a PC port, online networking, new game options, and more.
  • While waiting for the remastered version, players can enjoy the original Hogs of War on Steam and PS3, but the Steam release has mixed reviews.

Cult classic PS1 turn-based tactics game Hogs of War is making a comeback 23 years after the game originally launched. A Hogs of War remaster was first announced four years ago, but now PS1 fans have gotten a substantial update.

For those unfamiliar with Hogs of War, the original game launched on PS1 to mixed reviews, but it managed to build a cult following of dedicated fans who often point to it as one of the most underrated and hilarious PS1 games. After its PS1 debut, Hogs of War made its way to PC, but there hasn’t been a new video game in the series in the decades since. That will change with the upcoming Hogs of War remaster, which will kick off a Kickstarter campaign later this month.

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The Hogs of War Lardcore remaster Kickstarter campaign will begin on October 17 at 4pm UK time and run until November 16 at 9pm UK time. The Kickstarter will be looking to raise £150,000 to complete the game, though it will have plenty of stretch goals as well. Some of the Hogs of War remaster stretch goals include a PC port, online networking, new game options, new cheat codes, single-player campaign rebalancing, an achievement system, and an Ultra Hard Mode campaign. The highest stretch goal will be online play, but it’s unclear exactly how much will need to be raised to meet that goal at the time of this writing. Hogs of War fans will be able to choose from 13 pledge tiers with a mix of physical and digital rewards. More details on that front should come to light once the campaign goes live.

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Anyone interested in playing the original Hogs of War while they wait for the remastered version can do so for a relatively low price. A Steam version is available for $5.29, while the PS1 Classics version is available on PS3 for $5.99. The downside is Hogs of War‘s Steam release has Mixed reviews as it seems gamers have trouble getting it to run on modern hardware, and the PS1 Classics version is not playable on PS4 or PS5.

The Hogs of War remaster is aiming for release on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, with the PC port being one of its stretch goals. For the sake of Hogs of War fans, hopefully the Kickstarter is a success and the game can make a proper comeback on modern gaming platforms.

Hogs of War is in development for PS4 and PS5.

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