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Dead by Daylight Reveals Halloween 2023 Content Roadmap


Dead by Daylight has just revealed the roadmap for its 2023 Halloween event, which will be packed with cosmetics and feature a new event. Dead by Daylight is among the best asymmetrical horror games due to its character variety and genuinely scary moments, and these new updates are set to improve the game even more.

Released in 2016, Dead by Daylight carved its place as one of the most influential multiplayer horror games in recent years. The title pits four players as Survivors against a powerful Killer, also controlled by a player. During a match, the Survivors need to team up and fix generators to escape before their demise.

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Halloween is a big time for horror games, and now the developers of Dead by Daylight have revealed the roadmap for the month. Starting on October 3, gamers will have access to new merchandise in the shop, such as unique clothing and special items. October 11 will see the release of the game’s Tome 17: Commitment, which will bring a new survivor and killer, as well as new outfits to the game. A special Halloween livestream will happen on October 13, which will give fans in-depth information about upcoming events, and on October 18 the Haunted by Daylightevent will finally start. On the same day, store content releases for seasonal items of previous years, including the Tricks and Treats collection, and Void Realm will be available.

Haunted by Daylight2023 will be the special Halloween event of Dead by Daylight. Last year’s Haunted by Daylight featured Void Energy, which could be collected by players during matches to unlock some spooky rewards, and allowed them to destroy pumpkins to get special prizes. At the moment, the details of this year’s event are not available, though. Finally, October 24 will see Hallowed Blight store content released, giving even more options for outfits for Killers. Also, players can get daily rewards from October 18 to November 6 as part of the upcoming event.

While October will be a special month for Dead by Daylight players, the whole year has been packed with updates and interesting features. For instance, 2023 had some interesting crossovers so far, such as when Nicolas Cage became a Dead by Daylight character a few months ago. Another highlight was Alien’s Xenomorph, a classic character that starred as a new Killer with the ability to travel through tunnels to kill Survivors.

Dead by Daylight is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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