Dedicated Starfield Player Fully Surveys Every Planet Possible in the Game


  • One Starfield player accomplished the remarkable feat of surveying every planet available in the game, showcasing their discoveries and receiving praise from fellow players.
  • Despite Bethesda’s claim that Starfield is meant to be played for a long time, players have been pushing the boundaries of the game and putting the claim to the test.
  • The dedicated player spent over 180 of their 200 hours of playtime cataloging and surveying 1,695 planets, encountering bugs that prevented them from fully finishing three planets.

One Starfield player showed off the incredible accomplishment of surveying every planet possible that Bethesda’s latest game has to offer and shared their discoveries on social media with other players. Following their post, other Starfield players congratulated the OP for their effort, and some players asked questions about the methods they used to catalog each planet, and asked about any bugs they encountered along the way.

After the game’s launch, Bethesda claimed that Starfield is meant to be played for a long time. However, that has not stopped players from testing the boundaries of the game. Between the story and the vast amounts of planets, flora, fauna, and creatures to see and discover, the efforts of players have given Bethesda’s claim some weight while figuring out how long it took to accomplish their goals. However, one Starfield player went above and beyond with their effort and managed to catalog and survey every possible planet that they could.

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On Reddit, a Starfield player named DoomZero managed to survey every possible planet currently available and catalog every piece of flora and fauna on those planets, with a few exceptions. The OP shared their work on the r/Starfield subreddit via a screenshot from the PC version. In total, the OP visited 12 systems, scanned 1,695 planets, and fully surveyed all but one of those scanned planets. With approximately 800 flora and fauna each fully scanned, and a successful landing on 1,441 planets, the OP said that it took them over 180 of their 200 hours of playtime to scan them. DoomZero also added they used some of Starfield‘s best skills such as Boost Pack Training and Fitness to improve their oxygen use and put some points into Astrophysics, Botany, Scanning, Surveying, and Zoology to aid in their quest.

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However, due to some bugs in Starfield, DoomZero stated that they were unable to completely finish fully scanning three planets, named Masada 3, Beta Marae 1, and Charybdis 2. In each case, those planets had certain flora and fauna that would not spawn. In the case of Charybdis 2, the OP said that they had to quicksave and quickload their file in order to get around that bug. Other Starfield players not only gave DoomZero compliments for their work but also wondered what drove them to undertake such a mission.

While some planets are better to explore in Starfield than others, the fact that there are hundreds of things to discover is a testament to both Bethesda’s work and the determination of Starfield‘s players. It remains to be seen if the developers will fix the bugs with the aforementioned planets.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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