Destiny 2 Player Showcases Impressive Collection of Seals


  • A passionate gamer has collected almost all of the seals and titles in Destiny 2, showcasing their achievements to others in the game.
  • The collector’s impressive collection includes difficult-to-obtain seals like Rivensbane and legacy ones like Chronicler.
  • All of the seals in the collection were earned through completing required triumphs in the game, rather than being bought from third-party resellers.

A dedicated gamer has collected almost every seal and the title that goes along with them in Destiny 2. There is no doubt that the community formed around Bungie’s first-person shooter is passionate about the game, from making their guardians look like other characters from different shows to using topographical landmarks to pinpoint where The Last City’s location is in the real world. Seals and titles are a way that players can show off their achievements to others in the game.

When the Forsaken expansion launched in 2018, it brought several fundamental changes to the game, such as the seasonal model, the first dungeon called the Shattered Throne, and Gambit. Bungie also added the seals and title system with the expansion through the triumphs system, which serves as a way for players to track what they have done in the game so far. Each seal is a collection of these triumphs, and upon completing them, players are rewarded a title, which is a name that is displayed beneath the players.

A Destiny 2 player showcases their replica collection of the original exotic swords from The Taken King expansion.Related

Destiny 2 Player’s Replica Collection Includes the Original Exotic Swords from The Taken King

A Destiny 2 player showcases their collection of exotic swords from The Taken King, the expansion where the weapon class made its debut.

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A user going by the name Xtreme765 posted photos displaying their massive collection of seals on the Destiny 2 subreddit. The first one in their collection is the Rivensbane seal, which is notoriously difficult to obtain as players have to complete a Petra’s Run of the Last Wish raid, which requires the entire fireteam to beat the activity without dying. Xtreme765’s collection of seals also includes some Legacy ones that cannot be obtained in the game anymore, such as Chronicler, which required players to chase after several lorebooks that provided more insight into the world of Destiny. Additionally, the collector’s latest seal is the Swordbearer one, rewarded to players for completing several triumphs related to the reprised Crota’s End raid.

Xtreme765 also revealed that every seal in their collection is an “earned” one, meaning that they completed all the required triumphs in Destiny 2 to get them rather than buying them from third-party resellers online. The post was well received in the subreddit, with some users commenting on how satisfying it was to see all of the seals together.

Unlocking one of these unique cosmetics in the game takes hours of dedication, perseverance, and skill, as some of the most challenging Destiny 2 titles require players to have mastery over both PvP and PvE. With the release of Season of the Wish, collectors now have a new seal to earn called the Wishbearer, which will require them to complete the associated seasonal triumphs before being able to equip it to show to other guardians in Destiny 2.

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Bungie’s Destiny 2 is an online FPS that blends single-player and multiplayer content. Constantly evolving, the shooter has established a strong following since its 2017 debut. 

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