Donald Glover Has Controversial Take On AI


  • Donald Glover embraces the advancement of AI while acknowledging concerns. He believes AI can help solve problems and create something new.
  • Glover hopes for legislation to regulate AI but doubts its likelihood. He remains optimistic about humanity’s ability to use AI for good.
  • Despite some opposition, Glover’s nuanced and optimistic perspective on AI sets him apart from many in the music and film industries. The debate over whether AI will replace jobs and devalue human creativity continues.

Donald Glover has shared a controversial opinion about artificial intelligence, while writers and actors have been fighting studios over the issue.

The conversation about AI has become divisive, with some people thinking it will be a tool used to help work while others believe it will be used to replace artists. Marvel Studios recently used AI to make the Secret Invasion intro, which was met with backlash. Additionally, the use of AI is a big point of contention in the writers’ and the actors’ strikes.

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In an interview with Complex, Glover discussed how he embraces the rise in new technology like AI. However, he understands the concerns that people have. “I think there’s a good reason to be cautious.” Glover said, “People aren’t focusing on how AI can actually help us solve these problems that we have. I get it. It is scary on some level. But I’m like, you could band together and do something really cool with it. Like, something really new. And you can do all that stuff faster. You know, AI’s not gonna take your job, the person who’s really good at AI is gonna take your job.”

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Glover also said he hopes there is legislation to regulate AI, but he is doubtful that would happen. “Usually it’s in reaction and I think what’s scary to people is that we’re heading toward the precipice of an existential crisis, where we only get one chance to do it the right way,” Glover said. “But I actually am a big proponent of, like… People are gonna be using this stuff, and people should be using this stuff, and it’s gonna figure itself out. I honestly have faith in humanity more than I think most people do.”

Glover has not received too much backlash for his comments. His opinion on AI is more nuanced and optimistic than most creatives in the music and film industries. He has faith that people will use the technology for good things (possibly using AI to make gaming more accessible) and that AI technology won’t replace jobs. People need to learn how to use technology to help them in their employment.

However, many people still believe that AI should not be used at all, as they fear it will replace jobs (like BoJack Horseman predicted several years ago) and create soulless art incapable of matching anything made by humans. Only time will tell if the benefits of AI will outweigh the cons.

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Source: Complex

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