Dragon Ball FighterZ Mod Adds Orange Piccolo to the Roster


  • Dragon Ball FighterZ’s modding community remains active, with fans creating their own versions of iconic characters and adding new ones.
  • A mod based on Orange Piccolo, a transformation from the recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film, has been created for the game.
  • RCBurrito, a prominent modder, has developed unique moveset mods for various characters, including Orange Piccolo, showcasing their growth and skill in modding.

A modder for Dragon Ball FighterZ has created a mod based on Orange Piccolo, the newest transformation the Namekian obtained during the recent film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The modding community for Dragon Ball FighterZ is still very active, even over half a decade after the game’s original release. Many fans have created their own versions of several iconic characters from the franchise or even adding new ones, such as those from other anime or video games.

Character mods for Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the most popular forms of content for fans to dabble in. This includes adding certain character transformations into the game as separate characters, which ranges from Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta replacing his Blue form to Tapion from the 13th DBZ movie being swapped in for Trunks. Considering the variety of transformations that certain characters have gone through, it’s no surprise fans want to add their favorites into FighterZ, some of which go the distance to give them have a custom moveset instead of just a model swap. This is no different with Piccolo’s new Orange transformation from the latest movie.

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This Dragon Ball FighterZ mod was created by RCBurrito, who had released a trailer to go alongside it. This includes a custom cinematic Piccolo rising from the ground, before getting ready to fight with his new power. Unlike his normal form, the Orange Piccolo transformation makes the Namekian much taller and bulkier. This is demonstrated with Orange Piccolo’s custom moveset in this mod, which emphasizes slower but more powerful strikes, along with grappling moves akin to Android 16.

This custom moveset mod takes a few different techniques from various characters in the game and uses them to fit Orange Piccolo. His level three super move, Apocalyptic Burst, is probably the most unique of the mod, where it is triggered when Piccolo lands a kick on the opponent before blasting them with a ki attack. The full list of moves and their commands is listed within the mod itself, which can be viewed in-game or through a text file.

RCBurrito is a rather prominent modder in the FighterZ community due to the unique moveset mods they’ve released. This includes custom FighterZ movesets for Super Saiyan God Goku, Raditz, and even Beast Gohan, who are all characters who haven’t been added to the game at all. Fellow modders have commented on how RCBurrito has improved quite a bit, with Orange Piccolo showing how far they have come since they started.

Dragon Ball FighterZis available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions in development.

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