EA Appears to Be Working on a Soccer-themed Digital Card Game


  • EA is working on a soccer-themed mobile digital card game that will allow gamers to compete with top-tier players from around the world.
  • Players will draw cards featuring athletes, action, and effect cards to control their team and move closer to the opponent’s net.
  • The game may feature skill-based matchmaking and could potentially use similar mechanics to EA’s Ultimate Team modes, but it’s unclear when or if the game will be released.

An EA soccer-themed game based around digital cards appears to be in the works, based on a new patent. Lots of EA games have featured digital cards in things like Ultimate Team, but this new game may change things up.

For many years, EA has released NHL, FIFA, and Madden NFL games. Each of these franchises features the relevant player rosters for the year they’re based on, and they’re represented by digital cards. These cards that can be acquired through various packs give a player a rank largely based on their stature in football, hockey, and soccer. Though these ranks are often debated among the EA Sports community, players who do well in their given sport typically score higher in the Ultimate Team modes. Now EA seems poised to release a soccer-themed digital card game also focused on giving these players a new field to compete on.

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A patent recently filed by EA details a soccer-themed mobile digital card game. Gamers will draw cards featuring top-tier players from around the world to compete on a playing field that resembles a soccer pitch. The game will pit one player against another, controlling a team of these players from a deck that can be customized. Based on the cards a player uses, their team will make it further toward the opponent’s net. The probability of a team scoring will go up depending on a card’s value, with certain combinations yielding a 100% chance. The different cards are identified as the athlete’s cards, action cards, and effect cards.

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These digital cards are used in what’s called a battle in the patent, which suggests that a match may differ from a standard soccer game. The new EA mobile game will use a type of skill-based matchmaking, but players may also be paired up with CPUs. Because EA Ultimate Team modes utilized card packs and different rarities, this game could potentially use similar mechanics. The patent doesn’t specify how these cards will be acquired, but it suggests that there are some similarities with other mobile card games.

Although EA has filed a detailed patent regarding this mobile digital card game, it’s currently unclear if or when it will be released. Because EA no longer makes FIFA games, this mobile game may help them retain the soccer audience alongside EA Sports FC. This digital card game seems similar to those used in Ultimate Team modes because fans can make unique teams with players from different teams in the league. While EA may be working on a soccer digital card game, it may make similar games based on the NHL or NFL in the future. However, it’s also possible that the game may not appear, as not all patents translate to actual products.

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