EA Debuts Massive Steam Scream Sale


  • Electronic Arts has launched a massive PC games sale on Steam called Steam Scream: The Revenge, offering discounts on a wide range of games.
  • The sale includes spooky titles and Halloween-themed expansions, as well as unrelated games such as Need for Speed and Star Wars Battlefront.
  • Some of the notable discounts include Dead Space remake at 40% off, The Sims 4 expansions at up to 30% off, and Plants vs. Zombies games at 80% off.

Electronic Arts has launched a massive PC games sale as part of the newly started Steam Scream: The Revenge event. This is shaping up to be one of the storefront’s final sales before Steam’s new payment policy goes into effect, thus changing the way some consumers pay for games on the platform.

Valve launched the original Steam Scream sale in the run-up to last year’s Halloween. The promo was looking to highlight games that celebrate the spirit of the spookiest month of the year, consequently introducing hefty discounts on a wide array of horror experiences and other creepy titles.

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The second iteration of the event started today and will run until November 2, with EA being one of the biggest supporters of the newly launched sale. The company’s selection of promotional offers is frontlined by a hefty 40% discount on the critically acclaimed Dead Space remake, which is now available at $35.99. The second and third entries in the trilogy are both available at 80% off, or $3.99 a piece, during the promo. Other spooky products that are part of EA’s Steam Scream: The Revenge offerings include Alice: Madness Returns and Lost in Random, which are currently available at 85% and 90% off, respectively.

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All Halloween-related The Sims 4 expansions are also part of the newly debuted sale, including the Paranormal, Vampires, and Werewolves content packs. Those DLC discounts appear to be on the lower end, only reaching up to 30% off, depending on the exact expansion. EA also treated all of its Plants vs. Zombies games on Steam to a flat 80% price cut, not least because the undead are a natural fit for Halloween.

And while Steam Scream: The Revenge is largely geared toward celebrating games whose themes match Allhallows Eve, EA still sneaked quite a few unrelated titles into its newest sale. For example, the vast majority of the Need for Speed franchise has been discounted up to 90% as part of the promo, together with both Star Wars Battlefront games, which are currently available at 75% off, or $14.98 combined.

The newest game from the newly discounted lot is also unrelated to Halloween, as that title goes to Immortals of Aveum, which is now temporarily available at 40% off. As a reminder, Immortals of Aveum released to mixed reviews in late August. RPG fans looking for less action-oriented gameplay might instead look toward the Dragon Age franchise, whose entries have been discounted between 70% and 75%. Other highlights from EA’s newly launched sale include 85% off on the Mirror’s Edge series and 75% discounts given to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Sea of Solitude, Spore, and the Burnout Paradise remaster.

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