Elden Ring Fan Creates Incredible Replica of the Butchering Knife in Real-Life


  • Elden Ring has garnered massive praise for its open world, challenging battles, atmosphere, and weapons, making it one of the best soulslike games.
  • A fan has created a life-size replica of the Butchering Knife, a recognizable weapon from Elden Ring, using foam as a cost-effective and lightweight material.
  • Fans have responded playfully to the fan creation, referencing the weapon’s origins and joking about the possibility of it being made from actual steel.

Earning multiple Game of the Year nominations and wins, Elden Ring has inspired many players to make unique fan crafts, including a real-life version of the Butchering Knife. Many gorgeous Elden Ring fan creations have been shared with the community, and this latest addition is an ode to one of the game’s most recognizable weapons.

One of the biggest launches of 2022, Elden Ring has been lauded as one of the best soulslike games of all time. The game earned massive renown among critics and players alike for its expansive open world, challenging yet satistying battles, and incredibly aesthetic atmosphere and weapons.

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Elden Ring fan ReProps shared a photo of the life-size Butchering Knife replica they made. Classified as a Greataxe in the game, ReProps recreated the Butchering Knife using foam, which is common among cosplayers and creatives. Foam is inexpensive yet malleable and is much more lightweight than actual steel. ReProps carved out the imposing blade of the weapon before working on the intricate handle. The Butchering Knife has a distinctive ricasso and choil, both of which were perfectly crafted. The iconic exposed tang, which curls menacingly back toward the sharpened edge of the blade, was also brought to life. ReProps managed to expertly recreate the silhouette of the iconic weapon and even added finer details, such as weathering along the length of the blade and notches along the handle to mimic a leather strap wrapping. While there are numerous iconic weapons in Elden Ring, this fan creation masterfully brings to life the distinctive Butchering Knife.

Fans responded to the Butchering Knife prop with playful references to the weapon’s origins. One comment teased that ReProps should do a maiden cosplay, referring to the Ogress Anastasia, who bore the Butchering Knife as her signature weapon while defeating countless Tarnished. Others joked that the recreation could have been made of actual steel, though this would make the craft incredibly heavy and useful only as a display piece. As one of the weapons that can be infused with Ashes of War, the Butchering Knife is a versatile and effective weapon, and this fan reproduction is a testament to the incredible creativity of players.

From its massive commercial success to its continued fan popularity, Elden Ring remains a heavy-hitter in the realm of soulslike games. Among the best soulslike video games of all time, it should come as no surprise that Elden Ring fans are bringing their favorite elements of the game to life.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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