Elden Ring Player Reveals Insane Amount of Players They Have Helped Defeat Final Boss


  • A dedicated player named LetMeSoloThem has helped 5,000 players defeat the final boss in Elden Ring, showcasing their commitment to assisting others in the game.
  • The final boss battle in Elden Ring can be challenging due to the combined might of Radagon of the Golden Order and the Elden Beast, but players can use the Effigy of the Martyr to summon aid.
  • LetMeSoloThem’s milestone of helping 5,000 players marks the end of a chapter for them, as they express gratitude for the rewarding experience of assisting others in Elden Ring’s finale.

A dedicated Elden Ring player has successfully aided 5,000 fellow Tarnished in defeating the game’s final boss, the Elden Beast. The player goes by the name of LetMeSoloThem, which is a reference to the well-known Malenia slayer whose name is LetMeSoloHer in the Elden Ring community. Instead of helping other players with Malenia’s boss fight like LetMeSoloHer, LetMeSoloThem focuses their attention on the Elden Beast to assist any Tarnished who are aiming to become Elden Lord.

The boss fights in Elden Ring are comparable to those in previous Soulslike games from developer FromSoftware. Even though the game’s boss fights can offer a level of frustration, players can summon cooperators to aid them in Elden Ring‘s difficult fights. This is done via the Effigies of the Martyr, the game’s summoning pools. The Effigy of the Martyr for the final boss battle is located at the entrance of the Erdtree, at the bottom of Leyndell, the Ashen Capital. Players must face off against two bosses that are packed into one battle at the end of the game, those being Radagon of the Golden Order and the Elden Beast, and one player has battled them many times.

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Due to the combined might of Radagon of the Golden Order and the Elden Beast, the final boss fight can be relatively difficult for Elden Ring players. However, Elden Ring player LetMeSoloThem has no issue killing this pair of enemies, as they have helped 5,000 players slay Radagon and the Elden Beast. The player, who goes by the username supersaiyanvidel on Reddit, shared their milestone in a post where they also expressed their gratitude to the players who summoned them for backup.

Several commenters actually thanked LetMeSoloThem for helping them in Elden Ring‘s finale, emphasizing just how many people they have assisted since the game launched. LetMeSoloThem has been joining players for over a year and a half, and like LetMeSoloHer, they don a large jar helm. However, the 5,000 player milestone may be the end of a journey for LetMeSoloThem. In the post, coupled with their gratitude, they mention that helping others has been “one of the most rewarding experiences” of their life, noting that this is the “end of a chapter.”

Some players were confused about LetMeSoloThem’s name since it bears a striking resemblance to LetMeSoloHer, another player who is known for helping countless others with Malenia in Elden Ring. The distinction hangs on the differences between the bosses they fight, as LetMeSoloThem focuses on the game’s final boss fight.

It’s players like LetMeSoloThem that help bring hope for Elden Ring players who can’t attain the Elden Lord status. While this may be the end of their lengthy efforts to help 5,000 players, there will likely always be another cooperator for players to summon in Elden Ring‘s epic finale.

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