Elden Ring Player Shocked By Surprising Troll Behavior


  • Elden Ring fans continue to experience surprises within the game, with one player discovering a troll using a very unexpected move.
  • The clip shared by a Redditor showcases the troll constantly rolling toward the player, leaving both the player and other fans shocked since they were previously unaware of this behavior.
  • Comments on the post humorously highlight the troll’s trolling abilities and joke about it being a Souls veteran, with rolling being a well-known aspect of combat in FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series.

A troll in Elden Ring managed to catch the player by surprise by using a specific move. Elden Ring came out in February 2022, and it ended up being a massive commercial and critical success for developer FromSoftware, ensuring that there will always be a large community discussing things they see in-game.

Since its release, many Elden Ring fans have shared clips of new and surprising things they came across over the course of their playthroughs. As an example, one player discovered a new interaction despite playing Elden Ring for 800 hours, as the uploaded video showed a number of enemies fighting each other instead of attacking the Tarnished. Now, it looks like one fan was shocked by a troll’s surprising behavior within the RPG.

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A Reddit user named kin_of_frog has shared a video from Elden Ring with this incident, and the clip opens with them casually exploring the world. They soon start hearing a strange sound, as the UI appears on the screen to confirm the beginning of a combat encounter. As kin_of_frog turns around, they see a troll constantly rolling toward them, but they manage to avoid getting hit by the enemy. The player claims to have never seen a troll use this more before in Elden Ring, as they state that they had no idea trolls could do this in the post’s title.

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It looks like they weren’t the only ones unaware of the move, as it seems many players in the comments section were also taken aback by it. A few users mention that the video was terrifying, while one fan in particular jokingly states that everything in the game is capable of rolling, and another states that they want to see a rolling version of Elden Ring’s Walking Mausoleums.

A bunch of players also make note of how the troll is successfully trolling kin_of_frog, while one user believes it to be the only one in Elden Ring capable of rolling in this manner. Hilariously, a different player calls this troll a veteran of the Dark Souls series, as rolling is an important and heavily memed part of the combat within the franchise.

Overall, it appears that many Elden Ring players were surprised to see the troll rolling towards the player, but it looks like only this specific troll can perform the move. The rest of the comments section is mostly filled with jokes, with a number of references to other games made by FromSoftware.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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