Example of sound energy and 5 technology developed from it

You often hear a lot of sound energy in daily activities such as talking between people, sounds from electronic devices such as phones, laptops. It is a factor that makes your life more vivid. Sound is one of the most obvious existential elements of our lives. Everyone “hears” but few wonder about the so-called “sounds” we hear every day. And below is an example of sound energy.

What is the definition of sound energy?

Define sound energy: Sound energy like solar energy, like all waveform vibrations energy has! For example, light/acoustic energy/infrared/sub/ultrasonic others have energy. Sound energy is a form of wave energy. 

In the most understandable way, sound energy is the phenomenon of a vibrating object that emits a sound and spreads through the air. Our ears hear sounds because of the eardrum. The eardrum is connected to the nervous system.

The process of receiving sound takes place as follows: the sound wave from the vibrating object emits, which is transmitted through space to our ears, vibrating the eardrum in accordance with the rhythm of the vibration of the object that has emitted. Thanks to that, we can hear the sound. And the air is the environment that transmits sound.

Definition of sound energy?
Definition of sound energy?

The propagation velocity of sound depends on the sound transmission medium. In the journey of spreading, if encountering obstacles such as walls, rocks, trees … then most of the energy of the sound will be reflected back, a small part continues to travel forward. The reflected part turned into dissipated heat.

The echo of sound
The echo of sound

What is an example of sound energy?

Digital tracks are an example of sound energy. Or you often hear a lot of sounds in the way of daily activities such as talking between people, sounds from electronic devices such as phones, laptops,…It is a factor that makes your life more vivid.

Sound is the mechanical vibrations of the molecules, atoms or particles that make up matter, spreading through matter and reaching the human ear. Sound waves hit and vibrate the eardrum, stimulating the brain to make us hear sounds. Examples of sounds: bird song, phone ringing, talk,…

Examples of sound energy include sounds caused by singing, whistling, instruments, and trumpets. Sound is the vibration that causes a wave of pressure through air, water, wood and other means. It is heard when waves reach the ear and are sensed by the brain.

In general, there are many examples of sounds in life. Sound energy seems to be everywhere.

Humans hear sound energy to be able to exchange information with each other. The human voice is sound, and this form of energy that allows people to interact with each other and capture the information exchanged. Sound helps people exchange cultures, arts, exchange thoughts, feelings, talk with each other, students can hear the teacher.

Sound energy also supports many other activities in life. An example of sound energy is a sound that helps people hear the prescribed signals: alarm bells, car horns, sirens signaling fires, emergency signals …

Through music, an example of other sound energy, it will help people enjoy the beauty of relaxing or attractive melodies. In addition, the sound also helps people relax such as listening to birds singing, the sound of waves, meditation music, the sound of falling rain … and a lot of other sounds come from nature.

In general, sound is very important in life, examples of sound energy in life are many.It seems that in everyday life, for hours and minutes, sound energy appears anywhere and at any time.

Example of sound energy
Example of sound energy

Humans using sound from the beginning of time 

Sounds that our ears do not receive have long entered human life. And from the very beginning of human history, sound has been used. An example of sound energy from ancient times is that humans use sound to signal danger to other members.

Sound is an integral component of human life. Since birth, the speech organ has been actively crying signal the emergence of a new person, language helps people understand each other, music helps people relax after each working day…

In all areas, there is always the presence of sound, whether artificial or natural sound is equally important. It’s hard to imagine when the world has no sound and everything is silent. 

It is because of the important role of sound that people always want sound energy to become more perfect. Therefore, advanced sound processing techniques have been applied to satisfy the needs of humans. 

Examples of sound energy are processing techniques using miniaturized devices. Or people want sound to always be with them and so portable audio devices are invented. Nowadays, we can easily come across audio technology devices for human life such as speakers, laptops, phones, MP3 players or high-quality headphones.

We been using sound for a long time
We been using sound for a long time

Technology develops to make use of sound energy’s full potential

Ultrasound scan

Ultrasound scanning is one of the applications of sound energy that contributes to making people’s lives better.

Medical ultrasound scan is a method of diagnosing a disease using an ultrasound radio probe. High-frequency ultrasound waves have the function of probing the parts beneath the skin that are then reflected back through medical images. Thanks to the development of mechanical devices, ultrasound images are becoming more and more clear and realistic so that doctors can easily diagnose and detect diseases.

Ultrasound scan to diagnose and detect diseases
Ultrasound scan to diagnose and detect diseases

Cure tumor cells

There have been many studies showing that the sound that comes from music can help cure tumor cells. And this kind of sound energy is applied to do tumor treatments.

In particular, RFA (radiofrequency ablation) technique is a technique using high-frequency waves to destroy tumors by heat generated by the friction of ions in the tissue under the influence of alternating current frequency sound waves (200-1,200 MHz). And this is one of the brightest and promising tumor treatment techniques.

Predict earthquake

There is a theory that sounds from earthquakes can affect animals, and that animal anomalies will be a sign that humans can predict earthquakes to occur.

Meanwhile, a post on the USGS homepage suggested that the abnormal behavior of animals is related to two types of mechanical waves emitted by a seismic event, P-waves and S-waves. P-waves have smaller wavelengths and travel faster than S waves. Many animals with sharper senses can sense the P-wave seconds before the S wave arrives.

Similarly, there will be devices that apply sound waves of sound energy to predict earthquakes. These devices work on the principle that sound waves can detect the natural frequency of structures as well as perform analyses after an earthquake occurs.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Another example of sound energy is ultrasonic cleaning. 

Ultrasonic cleaning (Ultrasound is sound that has a frequency higher than the maximum frequency that the human ear can hear.This maximum frequency depends on the person, but usually it is 20 kHz) is a cleaning process that uses ultrasonic waves (usually between 20 kHz – 40 kHz) to stir up the liquid.

Ultrasonic cleaners can be used only with water, but using the appropriate solvent, detergent depending on the type of material and stains that need to be used increases the washing efficiency significantly.

Ultrasonic wave technology is an advanced technology invented in 1950 and widely available in the 1970s, it is applied in many different fields. Ultrasonic technology is not only fast and efficient but extremely environmentally friendly for cleaning – Ultrasonic cleaning technology, or the use of heat generation (molecular friction) is applied in plastic processing, ultrasonic welding technology and ultrasonic wave shearing.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine
Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Detect machinery flaws

Manufacturing products can be very expensive when manufacturing defects and mismatches or stopping machines, and manufacturing is a complex process for those businesses that do not have the right tools and resources to develop quality products. Today, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become more common in manufacturing. There are many applications that have integrated AI and machine learning using audio energy to recognize machine errors.

With the amount of data collected from machines operating in production, AI and machine learning are the solutions to use this huge amount of data to detect machine errors as soon as possible. From there, it will help the company avoid costs and damage from machine damage.


As such, example of sound energy seems to appear in every aspect of life. Sounds have been used since time immemorial. And there are many applications of sound that are applied to life to enhance the quality of human numbers.


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