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Final Fantasy 14 Player Buffs are Bugged in Patch 6.5


Some Final Fantasy 14 players reported on social media that the recent 6.5 update introduced a major bug that can grant players random job buffs regardless if the job the buff originates from is in the party or not. While the bug has not been easy to replicate, Final Fantasy 14 players posted their findings on social media to raise awareness with other players and with Square Enix.

Released on October 3, Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.5 is the final chapter of the current main story arc that brought characters from Final Fantasy 4 such as Golbez and the Archfiends into the game. In the Growing Light content update, Final Fantasy 14 players braved the Lunar Subterrane dungeon, faced off with Zeromus in the Abyssal Fracture trial, and learned more about Eorzea’s Twelve in the Thaleia alliance raid. FF14 players hoping for a greater challenge took on the Abyssal Fracture (Extreme) trial, which added more lethal mechanics for players to deal with. However, some players reported that Zeromus was not the only challenge that stood in their way.

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On Twitter, a user named temporoyales reported that a major bug can grant players random buffs from Final Fantasy 14‘s different combat Jobs, regardless of party composition. In one example, temporoyales posted a log of a Dancer’s Technical Step and Technical Finish that activated 246 times, which is impossible to achieve during the course of a boss battle. By comparison, the same Dancer’s Curing Waltz and En Avant, used to heal and move forward quickly, were used three times, which is within normal parameters. In addition, buffs that only should benefit the original Job, such as the Black Mage’s Triplecast, were granted to jobs that normally should not have it.

Redditor DeathofTheHeavens, who previously reported a bug with the Warrior’s Shake It Off ability in FF14 Patch 6.3, posted further evidence of the bug on the r/ffxiv subreddit. In their post, the OP noted that the Red Mage’s Dualcast and Bard’s Straight Shot buffs were present on other Jobs despite no Red Mage or Bard being in the group. In the comments, users added their own experiences with the bug and sent in reports to Square Enix in order to fix the bug as quickly as possible.

Between the discovery of this bug, and what the next playable race in Final Fantasy 14 could be, players have had different experiences with the Growing Light content update. Only time will tell when Square Enix will get to the bottom of this latest issue.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5, with an Xbox Series X/S version launching in Spring 2024.

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