Final Fantasy 14 Update Makes It Possible to Play the Whole Game Solo


  • Final Fantasy 14’s latest update allows players to experience the entire storyline solo, catering to those who prefer to play without social interaction.
  • The Duty Support system, introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion, now covers all story content, offering NPCs as party members for solo players to tackle difficult dungeons.
  • The update also includes new main story quests, side quests, updates to Treasure Hunts, more items at vendors, and housing updates, making it a substantial update overall.

Gamers can now finally complete the whole Final Fantasy 14 storyline by themselves. Final Fantasy 14 is great with friends, but some people want to experience the title’s story without all the social interaction, and the latest update will be a huge boon for lone wolves.

As an MMORPG, Final Fantasy 14 normally requires players to team up to face dungeons, as they are hard experiences not intended for a single gamer. This started to change back in the Shadowbringers expansion, which introduced the Trust System, renamed as Duty Support in FF14‘s Endwalker expansion. With the help of Duty Support, players could avoid almost certain death in dungeons by using NPCs in their party instead of teaming up. However, Duty Support never caught up with the whole story content released until now.

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Now, after the recent 6.5 update for Final Fantasy 14, all current story content is playable solo. This means that all recent dungeons, including The Drowned City of Skalla, The Burn, The Ghimlyt Dark, and Lunar Subterrane are all playable with the Duty Support system. This change will be especially useful for players who want to see the whole story arc that started with A Realm Reborn and ended ten years later with Endwalker, but wish to avoid playing with others or can’t find many teammates to play old content. While it does not turn FF14 into a full-blown single-player game, at least it’s a way to play through old content solo, as the NPCs added to the party are very useful and balance the gameplay.

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The Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy 14

This is not everything that the new update is adding to Final Fantasy 14, though. For instance, a few new main story quests were added, starting to build up the road to Dawntrail, the new expansion set to come out in 2024. Other fresh content includes brand-new side quests, as well as updates to Treasure Hunts, more items available at vendors, housing updates, and much more, as this was a pretty substantial update.

The updates in the availability of the Duty Support system may prove to be an interesting starting point for players, too. That’s because starting with the recent patch, FF14 players who are participating in the free trial will gain access to all content up to the Stormblood expansion. One of the downsides of free trials is that players who don’t pay a subscription are unable to participate in Ultimate raids, but this won’t be a problem for people who want to play by themselves and just enjoy the story.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5, with an Xbox Series X/S version launching in Spring 2024.

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Source: Square Enix, VG247

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