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Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Reveals More Details About Sephiroth’s Backstory


More details about the infamous Sephiroth and his life before SOLDIER are being revealed in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis. The sword-wielding arch villain of Final Fantasy 7 is considered by many to be one of the greatest antagonists in Square Enix’s long-running JRPG franchise, thanks in no small part to Sephiroth’s memorable character arc that saw him go from Shinra’s greatest warrior to an evil demigod bent on the planet’s destruction.

Both the original Final Fantasy 7 and the ongoing Final Fantasy 7 Remake series depict Sephiroth’s turn as a villain, and other installments of the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7 have provided a look at his now-legendary fall from grace. As shown in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, Sephiroth was once hailed as the planet’s greatest hero before a faithful mission to Nibelheim, the village where Shinra was conducting clandestine experiments on the ancient monster Jenova. Here, he learned that he was born of these twisted experiments, and this revelation drove him to destroy humanity in the name of his “mother.”

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The latest Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis update is adding more information about Sephiroth’s life before this fateful incident. Said update was released last Friday, and contains a brief scene where a younger Sephiroth is holding a picture of his birth mother, Lucrecia Crescent. Hardcore Final Fantasy 7 fans know that Lucrecia was injected with Jenova cells while she was pregnant, resulting in Sephiroth’s immense power. It is also revealed that the young Sephiroth was told that his mother’s name was “Jenova” – a lie that would eventually lead him down a dark path of villainy in the main Final Fantasy 7.

Twitter users like Phantomyre have been sharing the related screenshot of Lucrecia and debating how responsible she is for the terror her son will bring upon the planet throughout the Final Fantasy 7 franchise. While most agree that the mad scientist Professor Hojo is ultimately to blame for using her in his experiments, some point out that Lucrecia herself isn’t entirely innocent as she was a willing participant in said experiments. Meanwhile, others are simply noting the tragedy of Sephiroth never knowing his true parentage and being groomed from birth to be SOLDIER’s greatest weapon – only to instead end up the planet’s biggest threat.

Sephiroth’s tragic and complex backstory is just one of the many tales depicted in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, which retells every game and story in the original Final Fantasy 7 expanded universe in a gacha RPG format. Thanks to the mobile game’s latest update, fans will get to see more of Sephiroth’s birth mother and the events that shaped his life before facing him at the height of his power in next year’s Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is available now for Android and iOS, with a PC version in development.

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