First Minecraft Live 2023 Mob Vote Option Revealed


  • Minecraft Live 2023 will feature a mob vote, allowing players to choose which new mob will be added to the game with a future update.
  • The crab mob is one of the potential new additions, with a unique ability to place blocks further away than normal.
  • Players can vote for their favorite mob from October 13 until the start of Minecraft Live, and the winner will be announced during the event on October 15.

Fans of the perennially popular block-based builder, Minecraft, now have their first look at the crab mob, one of the creatures in the running to be added to the game with a future update. In a new animated video posted online, Mojang Studios showed off the crab, which is the first of three potential new mobs gamers can vote for starting on October 13 as part of the mob vote at Minecraft Live 2023.

Beginning in 2011 as Minecon before being rebranded in 2019, Minecraft Live is a celebration of Mojang’s hit game that the developer regularly uses to reveal new features, mobs, and more headed to Minecraft in the year to come. In an attempt to incorporate fan feedback into the proceedings Mojang has added a mob vote to Minecraft Live in recent years, allowing players to vote on new mobs they want to see added to the game as part of the festivities. Voting for the event took place in-game for the first time in 2022, with the seed-digging Sniffer mob beating out the Rascal and the Tuff Golem to take the top spot.

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In a new video posted to the official Minecraft YouTube channel, Mojang has unveiled the first of three creatures vying for their spot in the hit game as part of this year’s mob vote. The animated video shows pixelated portrayals of the developers spying on a crab mob in the distance before going in for a closer look and explaining its unique ability. Possessing a massive claw on one side of its body, if this crabby inhabitant of Minecraft’s mangrove swamps gets added to the game it would allow players who find one to place blocks further away than would normally be possible.

In order for the surprisingly cute crustacean to take its place as one of Minecraft’s newest mobs it will have to win the support of players during the two-day mob vote. Beginning on October 13 at 5 pm UTC and running until 15 minutes before the start of Minecraft Live, this year’s mob vote will be held in several different places online. Players can cast their vote from within Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, on the Minecraft launcher, or the game’s official website. While the crab’s added reach would undoubtedly come in handy for players who love to build, it could still face stiff competition from its two as-yet unrevealed rivals.

The crab could be an invaluable addition to Minecraft if it manages to win the support of players, creating new possibilities for gamers to make some truly epic constructions. Fans will be able to find out if it makes the cut when the mob vote winner is announced during Minecraft Live on October 15.

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Minecraft is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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