Fortnite Leak Could Be Bad News for Season OG Fans


  • OG, which brought back Fortnite’s old-school items and points of interest, may not be around for long based on a recent leak. Fans will likely be disappointed if it disappears with the new season.
  • The end of the current season will usher in a new Chapter in Fortnite, and OG is predicted to be destroyed to make way for Chapter 5’s setting. This suggests that players may not have the opportunity to play Chapter 1’s iconic map again.
  • The popularity of Fortnite OG may lead Epic Games to consider bringing back an old map in the future, but for now, fans may only have a few days left to enjoy the old map and its items.

A Fortnite leaker has claimed that OG will disappear with the new season, which could be bad news for fans. OG has drawn many lapsed players back to Fortnite, but it may not be around for long based on this leak.

Many classic games like Everquest and World of Warcraft have opened legacy servers that allow gamers to play the original version. Loosely following this tradition, OG brought back many of Fortnite‘s old-school items and points of interest. Shortly after the release of OG, the battle royale boomed in popularity to reach a new player record of 44.7 million players. With the OG season being such a success, many fans have hoped that it would stick around as an option like Zero Build mode. According to a new leak, these fans may anticipate something Epic Games isn’t currently planning.

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Fortnite Player Creates Neat Open-World Map Concept

A Fortnite player designs an impressive open-world map concept that includes popular locations like Tilted Towers, Greasy Grove, and Slurpy Swamp.

Fortnite leaker HypeX recently stated that Epic Games doesn’t plan to keep OG going beyond the next season’s release. Beyond the prediction that OG was a fleeting idea, the Twitter user also confirmed the belief that the end of this season ushers in a new Chapter. The Fortnite map currently has a meteor suspended in midair which ushers back to the end of Season 3. With OG set to conclude on December 2 with an Eminem live event, this meteor will likely smash into the map and create many changes. Unlike with Season 3 which kicked off a new season back in 2018, HypeX suggests that OG will be destroyed to bring in Chapter 5’s setting.

Epic Games brought back popular POIs like Tilted Towers, Dusty Depot, and Greasy Grove with the release of OG. While these locations may pop up in future maps as they’ve been known to do, it’s currently unclear when players can play Chapter 1’s iconic map again. Because new POIs are standard for each new season before OG, Chapter 5 will likely include several areas that haven’t been explored yet. As Chapter 1 and OG have been fan favorites, FitzyLeakz suggested that up to 4 million players who returned this season will leave the game again on December 2. With Eminem set to perform in Fortnite that day, these players could be leaving on a high note.

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Given the popularity of Fortnite OG, Epic Games may revisit the idea of bringing back an old map in the future. Because OG could disappear, fans may only have a few days left to enjoy the Chapter 1 map and its items.



Fortnite is a massively popular game that has several modes, the most famous of which is the online battle royale mode. In this mode, players collect items, build structures, and battle it out to be the ultimate victor.

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