Fortnite Player Discovers Deadly Glitch on OG Map

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  • A Fortnite player died unexpectedly near Fatal Fields due to a glitch, despite having full health and shield.
  • The glitch caused the player to be instantly eliminated, even though they didn’t leave the game or open the menu.
  • The glitch affected the player’s team, leaving them down two players and likely costing them the game.

A Fortnite player has discovered a deadly glitch near Fatal Fields after dying suddenly. There are many ways to outlast your opponents in Fortnite, but a glitch on the OG map unexpectedly killed this player.

Fortnite OG began on November 3, and since then, it has brought many original points of interest to the battle royale map. Because the game has gone through tons of seasons already, players had anticipated the return of classic locations. As the OG season continues, classic aspects of the game are being brought back. Among the things returning with the OG season are Chapter 1 weapons, Tilted Towers and other familiar locations, and the shopping cart. Upon exploring the map near Fatal Fields, one player has seemingly died due to a glitch.

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Reddit user WalmartGreder recently shared a clip in which they’re on the outskirts of Fatal Fields. After collecting a fallen ally’s Reboot Card, the player swaps a weapon with one that’s on the ground. Upon taking three steps, the player dies instantly despite having 100 health, 20 shield, and a full Overshield. According to the Fortnite combat log, the player eliminated themselves and bailed early. The log for bailing out early usually refers to people who leave the game while it’s still going on, not to players who are killed. While the Reddit user seemingly had a connection issue, their gameplay remained active until they were eliminated, and they never opened the menu to exit the game.

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Because they didn’t leave the game, WalmartGreder was left spectating their teammate. Normally, a player who bails out early is sent back to the lobby, adding further complexity to the situation. The clip comes from a Fortnite trios game, which usually allows downed players to be revived by their teammates. When WalmartGreder dies, they strangely aren’t left crawling on the ground and don’t drop a Reboot Card when they die either. This leaves the trio down two as one teammate was already dead, making the sole survivor carry the team. The clip concludes with the remaining player exiting the match, with the team reaching the top 24.

Given that WalmartGreder’s clip concludes with the team giving up, it’s likely that this glitch cost them the game. Though this video shows how deadly Fatal Fields can be, it’s likely unintentional. Because Epic Games continues to update Fortnite, it’s possible that this glitch will be fixed in the near future.



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