Fortnite Players Point Out ‘Underrated’ Gun in Season OG


  • The Infantry Rifle in Fortnite’s Season OG is considered an underrated weapon by many players, despite its flaws such as low hip-fire accuracy.
  • Fortnite’s Season OG has been a massive success, with a record-breaking 5 million concurrent players, and is set to end soon with a Big Bang event.
  • Some players are calling for the Infantry Rifle to be permanently available in future seasons, showcasing its popularity among the Fortnite community.

Many Fortnite players are passionately discussing online what their favorite gun in Season OG is, with the Infantry Rifle being regarded as one of the most underrated guns by the Fortnite community. Surprisingly, a large portion of the player base appears to have taken a liking to the simple-looking Infantry Rifle in Fortnite.

Launched on November 3, Fortnite’s latest season is all about nostalgia as it attempts to take the game back to its roots. Season OG is a fascinating blast from the past with a lot of beloved fan-favorite features and items making their return. Fortnite’s classic map is back for a short time, accompanied by many old weapons, items, and vehicles like the dangerous Pump Shotgun, the whacky Shopping Cart, and the versatile Chiller trap. However, it appears that one particular weapon is currently garnering much praise from the Fortnite community.

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The Infantry Rifle is seemingly considered by many to be an underrated weapon. First introduced to the game in Fortnite’s Season 7, the gun is a semi-automatic weapon that is most effective in long and medium-range combat encounters. Modeled after the M1 Garand rifle used by the United States Army during World War II, the Infantry Rifle is known for its slow firing rate and has between 8-10 bullets per magazine while dealing 36 to 44 damage per body shot, depending on its rarity classification. While not the most effective weapon in Fortnite, it seems like The Infantry Rifle is the preferred weapon of choice for a lot of Season OG players, according to a Reddit topic started by user HeyGoogleOff that has since become viral.

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On the Reddit thread that is currently sitting at 2.7k upvotes, gamers have been quick to praise Fortnite’s Infantry Rifle. Countless Fortnite Season OG players claim they appreciate the weapon’s satisfying reload sounds as well as its shooting accuracy and low recoil. Others, however, are pointing out the flaws of the weapon such as its low hip-fire accuracy. Still, the rifle seems to have struck a positive chord with the majority of gamers, with some even calling for the Infantry Rifle to permanently be available in the game in Fortnite’s next seasons.

Fortnite’s Season OG has turned out to be a huge success for the fast-paced battle royale game as the multiplayer title reached an impressive record of 5 million concurrent players. That being said, the popular Season OG is set to end shortly on December 2 with what looks to be an ominous Big Bang live in-game event. It remains to be seen what other interesting weapons Chapter 5 of Fortnite will bring to the table and if the Infantry Rifle will be vaulted.



Fortnite is a massively popular game that has several modes, the most famous of which is the online battle royale mode. In this mode, players collect items, build structures, and battle it out to be the ultimate victor.

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