Fortnite Players Think Latest Update Buffed Aim Assist


  • Fortnite’s latest update introduces a buff to the aim assist feature, causing division among players who either appreciate its equality or dislike assisted aiming.
  • The v28.10 update for Fortnite includes new content such as Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, along with balance changes for weapons and gameplay, but aim assist was not mentioned in the patch notes.
  • Early feedback suggests that Fortnite did indeed buff its aim assist, and players will need to adjust to the changes or manually adjust their aim assist settings.

Fortnite has rolled out its latest update patch for Chaper 5 Season 1, which many players are claiming has significantly buffed the aim assist feature. The major aspect of the new update for Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode is thus far proving to be divisive among players, with some believing it evens the playing field against mouse and keyboard players, while others dislike the idea of assisted aiming altogether.

Fortnite officially launched its v28.10 update on January 23rd, bringing with it a slew of new content and various tweaks and updates. The Fortnite update adds Solid Snake from the popular Metal Gear Solid franchise, along with several pieces of Snake’s gear like the EMP Stealth Camo and Cardboard Box. The update patch also includes balance changes for a variety of weapons and gameplay aspects, but aim assist was surprisingly unmentioned in the patch notes on Fortnite‘s official website.

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Fortnite Leak Reveals Another Metal Gear Character

A Fortnite dataminer finds images of another fan-favorite Metal Gear character, who might be introduced soon following the addition of Solid Snake.

Fortnite Players Claim Aim Assist Buff

Reports of Fortnite‘s aim assist buff began when, according to Dexerto, Twitter/X user GabeCFN tweeted out the game’s update files, claiming a massive buff to aim assist. After posting said game files, GabeCFN then began posting clips of other Fortnite players noticing the aiming changes as well. A play clip from content creator thekidswayy effectively “demonstrates” the presence of the strengthened aim assist, showing the player seemingly able to track opponents through walls. While the seemingly enhanced aim assist may come in handy for at least one of Fortnite‘s recent Weekly Quests, it’s a faux pas among competitive gamers.

Aim assist has become a hot topic of debate in recent weeks, with several FPS games coming under fire for the feature. The most recent and notable example is popular free-to-play title The Finals. Calls for changes to the game began last month when players posted examples of just how much of an aid aim assist was, prompting urgent calls from its sizable player base. This lead to The Finals addressing aim assist concerns with an update to better balance the feature, something Fortnite could certainly follow suit with given enough noise made by its players.

Although Fortnite did not officially state that it buffed its aim assist, early feedback from the community seemingly asserts that this is indeed the case. It should be interesting to see how Fortnite players at large react to the changes in the coming days and weeks, and if any aim assist tweaks will be made as a result. Players will need to adjust for the time being, or those who want the best Fortnite aim assist settings can manually adjust the feature themselves.

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Fortnite is a massively popular game that has several modes, the most famous of which is the online battle royale mode. In this mode, players collect items, build structures, and battle it out to be the ultimate victor.

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