Free PS Plus Games for October 2023 Are Available Now


  • PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium offer different levels of access and benefits, including online multiplayer and free monthly games.
  • The free PS Plus games for October 2023 include The Callisto Protocol, Farming Simulator 22, and Weird West, offering a range of genres for subscribers.
  • Subscribers have until November 7 to claim these games, and should keep an eye out for the announcement of the free PS Plus games for November 2023.

The free PlayStation Plus games for October 2023 are available now. The free PlayStation Plus games are one of the main reasons why one would sign up for Sony’s subscription service, though PS Plus is also necessary to play online multiplayer.

PS Plus Essential is the cheapest PlayStation Plus subscription option and gets users online multiplayer access and monthly free games. PS Plus Extra is the next step up, and it includes everything that comes with PS Plus Essential on top of a rotating library of PS4 and PS5 games. And finally, PS Plus Premium is the most expensive PlayStation Plus tier. It bundles all the benefits of PS Plus Essential and Extra together, but adds some retro games to the mix.

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The new PS Plus Extra and Premium games for October 2023 will likely be revealed in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, subscribers can sign in and snag the free monthly games for their collection. All three of the free PS Plus games for October 2023 have native PS4 and PS5 versions available, with subscribers able to claim survival-horror game The Callisto Protocol, farming game Farming Simulator 22, and supernatural western RPG Weird West right now. Anyone interested has until November 7 to claim these games. After that point, they will be replaced by the November 2023 free games.

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Free PS Plus Games for October 2023 List

free ps plus games october 2023

  • The Callisto Protocol
  • Farming Simulator 22
  • Weird West

The Callisto Protocol is being pushed as the headlining free PS Plus game for October 2023, and for good reason. Even though The Callisto Protocol earned mixed reviews and wasn’t exactly a huge sales success, it’s still an AAA game that’s hitting the free PS Plus lineup not even a year after its initial launch. The Callisto Protocol being a horror game also makes it a perfect fit for the Halloween season, so it makes sense that it’s leading the pack when it comes to the free PS Plus games for October 2023.

Farming Simulator 22, meanwhile, is admittedly pretty niche, but the series has its fans. And finally, Weird West should appeal to fans of immersive sims. The free PS Plus games for October 2023 are certainly an interesting mix of genres, and so hopefully most subscribers are able to get excited about at least one of the games that are being given away for free this month.

Of course, if anyone is disappointed with the free PS Plus games for October 2023, there’s always the November 2023 fre games to look forward to. The free PS Plus games lineup is updated on a monthly basis, with the new games typically revealed on the last Wednesday of every month. However, the free PS Plus games for November 2023 will most likely be announced on Wednesday, November 1 instead, so fans should keep that in mind. That being said, chances are good the free PS Plus games will leak a day or two ahead of time, so some may have advanced warning about what next month’s free games have on offer.

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