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Funny Honkai: Star Rail Bug Causes Sampo to Miss His Bomb


There’s a funny Honkai: Star Rail bug that causes Sampo to miss his bomb technique. Sampo is a playable four-star Wind character following the Path of Nihility, who’s known for being a mischievous thief in Belobog City.

Although Sampo was introduced during the first arc of Honkai: Star Rail, his background is still a mystery to avid players. Whenever he shows up in the game, he’s usually trying to run away from the Silvermane Guards or scamming people in Belobog, including the Astral Express Crew. There have been many fan theories on Sampo’s true identity, like allegedly being Sam the Stellaron Hunter, but none of them had been confirmed by Honkai: Star Rail yet.

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Many Honkai: Star Rail fans have Sampo on their teams, especially ones that are heavy in Nihility traits. One of his abilities is an impairing Technique called Shining Bright, where he throws a bomb at an enemy to blind them for 10 seconds. It’s a nifty ability for players who don’t want to get spotted and ambushed by enemies, but Reddit user baritzu pointed out that a bug had been causing Sampo to miss his bomb completely. In a three-second clip, they showed the character throwing his bomb behind the enemy despite the target being right in front of him. They also asked in the post why Honkai: Star Rail hadn’t fixed the issue yet.

In the comments, a number of Honkai: Star Rail players said that they experienced this bug as well, with one noting that there would be instances that the impairment wouldn’t work despite the bomb hitting the enemy. Meanwhile, many others found the bug hilarious as it was on-brand with Sampo’s personality. Some also joked that Honkai: Star Rail was probably trolling players with this Sampo bug. As of writing, HoYoverse hasn’t addressed this issue, so Honkai: Star Rail players with Sampo might want to avoid his Technique until it’s fixed.

Honkai: Star Rail has had a number of bugs and glitches in the past that would change the appearance of certain characters, accidentally going through walls, and major game-breaking bugs, like one that affected the progression of Version 1.2’s Everwinter City Museum event. Some Honkai: Star Rail fans believed that these glitches could stem from hardware issues, but the Sampo bug might really be an issue within the game.

Right now, Honkai: Star Rail players have started preparing for Version 1.4, which will feature banner characters Jingliu, Topaz, and Guinaifen. The update will launch next week, so hopefully HoYoverse would be able to patch the gameplay bugs by then.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently available for PC and mobile devices, with a PS5 version launching on October 11th.

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