Funny Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Clip Shows Why Peter and Miles Have to Work So Hard


  • Fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 have been sharing humorous stories and theories about the game, adding to the enjoyment and depth of the in-game world.
  • A Reddit user shared a clip of Miles Morales fighting criminals while nearby police officers ignored the crime, sparking jokes about the realism of the situation.
  • Accidental interactions and backstories, like the police’s ineffective behavior, can contribute to fans’ understanding and expectations of the game, even if they are unofficial. These incidents add color to the already wonderful game.

A funny Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 clip implying why Miles and Peter have to work hard as superheroes was shared online. As Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 continues to receive excellent reviews, many fans also continue to discover small Easter eggs and minor details that make the game more fun and interesting. Incidentally, some fans also find situations and come up with their own explanations to make humorous stories or even some hypothetical guesses.

Many players enjoy coming up with conspiracy theories and their own narratives as to why things in the in-game world happen. Some fans even thought Daredevil was coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Although some of these details are made-up, or just hopeful gamers wanting to find more enjoyment and backstory, it just goes to show how much content there is to find within the game world. One Reddit user even shared a video of an interesting interaction, or lack thereof, which they found while trying to stop some criminals.

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Reddit user Knowledgefirework shared a clip of Miles Morales fighting some criminals in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, all in the vicinity of a couple of police officers. The player even waited for the enemies’ dialogues to finish before acting on the crime in progress. However, the cops were busy standing and having coffee while turning a blind eye to the break-in. Many people from the comments section joked around about how realistic they felt this was. Although this might just be a minor bug that wasn’t intentional on Insomniac’s part, the gaming community had a laugh about it.

Sometimes accidental interactions and backstories flesh out the lore of the game. In this case, while the police’s ineffective behavior was unintentional, fans were quick to point out how this meant it was the reason the Spider-Men had to do more work in saving the city. These incidents may or may contribute to the story, even if unofficial. One Symbiote lore inaccuracy even helped excuse one Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 villain. Most of these bits are unconfirmed explanations, although they really help fans piece together their own understanding and expectations for the game.

With such an expansive world, not only do fans get to find their own little tidbits to discover, but some gamers find other comedic situations to encounter. Another gamer experienced a situation where Miles might have lost his job in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. A lot of these incidents don’t really affect anything major in the game, but with fans coming up with their own narrative, the funny happenings in the Spider-Man 2 world really add color to an already wonderful game.

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