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Gamer Shows Off Impressive Starfield Birthday Cake Made By Their Girlfriend


For their birthday, one Starfield fan received an adorable, delicious cake baked by their girlfriend in the image of Bethesda’s latest game, and shared a picture on social media for others to see. The Starfield player received birthday wishes from other fans, and their girlfriend received compliments and praise for decorating and making the cake.

With plenty of ships to build, planets to explore, and different possibilities for character customization, Starfield quickly became one of the main reasons Xbox Game Pass had a strong wave of momentum in Fall 2023. Even though Bethesda’s latest IP is not a flawless experience, that has not stopped Starfield players from contributing their builds and discoveries on social media and sharing both strange and wondrous moments in their star-faring adventures.

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Though ships based on food such as hot dogs exist in Starfield, one player’s girlfriend took the opportunity to make a memorable treat outside the game. A Reddit user named konsi710 shared a picture of their Starfield birthday cake on the r/Starfield subreddit. According to the OP, the cake’s flavor was chocolate, and it had a sugar frosting with fondant covering it. In the picture, the Starfield cake had the game’s logo in white frosting, which was put onto the cake by hand using a tube and tips to ensure accuracy. The rest of the cake was covered in a fondant that was colored in dark blue and red shades to resemble space. The baker added some yellow and white sprinkles to resemble the stars. Though a recipe was not given at the time of writing, baking the chocolate cake and preparing the fondant likely took several hours of work.

In the comments, other Starfield players wished the OP a happy birthday and complimented the baker on making an amazing cake. Some users stated that the cake looked like a work of art, and some wondered if the cake was an actual confection or not. A few users also joked that the OP should undertake a Starfield side quest with a fitting reward in the form of marriage. The OP thanked the subreddit for the birthday wishes and clarified that the cake was indeed a real cake. The OP also thanked their girlfriend for making the amazing cake, as well.

Though cakes based on games like Elden Ring have been done by fans before, the fact that Starfield has fans willing to do the same is a good sign for Starfield‘s future. It remains to be seen what treats fans will create next.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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