Gen V Easter Egg Spoils Homelander’s Fate In The Boys Season 4


  • The Boys spin-off Gen V reveals that Homelander is currently undergoing trial for murdering a protester in favor of Starlight, despite Vought’s attempts to spin it positively.
  • Season 4 will have to find a way to bring Ryan, Homelander’s son, to The Boys’ side to defeat Homelander, who has easily brainwashed him and become even more powerful.
  • The meta propaganda released by The Boys serves as extra content during the hiatus, but the biggest issue of season 4 will be finding an effective solution to destroy Homelander and Vought’s control.

For those salivating for any scrap of The Boys content following the explosive season 3 finale, look no further. Amazon Prime’s spin-off, Gen V, added a hint of what came of Homelander (Antony Starr) in the off-season.

It wouldn’t be The Boys without one final gut punch before the final credits rolled and The Boys season 3 ending delivered. After Homelander introduces his super-powered son, Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), to a crowd of fanatics, one Starlight (Erin Moriarty) supporter emerges. True to Homelander fashion, he levels the protester in the face with his laser beam eyes. But instead of horror, the entire crowd – Ryan included – supports the murderer.

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It will be some time before fans see The Boys season 4, but the premiere of Gen V offered some insight into what is going on with the leader of The Seven. In a blink-and-you-’ll-miss-it moment, GamesRadar+ reported that Gen V episode 1 contained a news snippet that revealed Homelander was currently undergoing trial for murdering the protestor in favor of Starlight. One report started with the phrase, “After brutally murdering an innocent protester…” but cut out quickly.

The Boys Season 4 Homelander

The narrative of the protestor being innocent is one that Vought International would oppose. Always ready to spin The Seven into a positive light, PR for Vought was quick to make a small revisionist history. On the Vought International YouTube channel, sister to Vought News Network, Vought CEO Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie) assured supporters they were standing with Homelander 100%.

“In the coming months, Homelander will stand trial for saving his son from a vicious, Starlight-loving thug,” she said, addressing the camera. This type of meta propaganda that The Boys puts out is consistently brilliant but also serves as extra content while the series is on hiatus. Of course, Vought wouldn’t admit that Homelander readily and without remorse killed a civilian. The biggest issue that The Boys season 4 will have to contend with is that Homelander will come back even more powerful than ever — despite how weak Starr thinks Homelander is. A solution to effectively destroy Homelander has not been found yet, and Vought is under his thumb as much as anyone else.

As most comic readers know about Homelander, using his son is the most logical strategy for killing him. However, judging from the final moments of The Boys season 3, Ryan is also lost. After losing his mother and feeling Butcher’s (Karl Urban) sharp rejection, Ryan had no one to turn to but his biological father. Now that he sees what the leader of The Seven is capable of and has become so desensitized to violence, Homelander has easily brainwashed him to his side. The Boys season 4 will likely have to find a way to bring Ryan to The Boys’ side to dispense with Homelander, once and for all.

Gen V releases new episodes of Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

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