Genshin Impact 4.2 Leak Reveals First Half Banner Characters


  • Update 4.2 for Genshin Impact is expected to drop around November 7, and the first part of the update will feature new characters Furina and Charlotte.
  • Furina, a Hydro Archon, is anticipated to be one of the strongest and most versatile characters in the game. She has the ability to spawn multiple elemental lifeforms to damage nearby targets.
  • Charlotte, a Cryo catalyst user, will be the second Cryo catalyst user to arrive in the game and is rumored to be a healer.

A new Genshin Impact leak has revealed which characters will arrive in the first half of update 4.2 which should drop around November 7, at least according to HoYoverse’s usual update schedule. Every update in the game is divided into two banner cycles, each featuring a set of limited characters and weapons.

The ongoing phase 1 of Genshin Impact 4.1 has introduced a new five-star character named Neuvillette who is featured alongside another five-star, the popular Pyro polearm user Hu Tao. Even though 4.1 arrived just a couple of days ago, the game’s official social media accounts have confirmed two new characters that will be introduced in the next update

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Developer HoYoverse has confirmed that Genshin Impact update 4.2 will feature the long-awaited Hydro Archon Furina and the Cryo user Charlotte, both of whom already made multiple appearances in the game’s main storyline. Considering that Furina holds the title of an Archon, players expect her to be one of the strongest and most versatile characters in all of Fontaine. One of the most credible Genshin Impact leakers named hxg_diluc, has revealed more information about which characters will be featured in the first part of the upcoming update 4.2. According to the leak, phase 1 of version 4.2 will feature the following characters:

  • Furina – Hydro sword user
  • Baizhu – Dendro catalyst user
  • Collei – Dendro bow user
  • Beidou – Electro claymore user
  • Charlotte – Cryo catalyst user
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Genshin Impact healer baizhu

Fans seem very happy with the lineup since the first banner will feature both new characters, Furina and Charlotte. According to recent rumors, Furina will have a unique kit that allows her to spawn multiple elemental lifeforms which can damage many nearby targets on the field.

One of Furina’s greatest strengths will probably be her ability to fit in many types of Genshin Impact team compositions which is very common for Teyvat’s Archons. Previous rumors have also revealed that she will have great synergy with the banner colleague Baizhu due to his ability to heal the whole team.

Similar to most Hydro characters in the game, Furina’s kit will most likely scale with HP. Charlotte will be the second Cryo catalyst user to arrive to the game after Wriothesley who is scheduled for the second part of the ongoing Genshin Impact update 4.1. These two characters could have decent synergy considering that Charlotte is rumored to be a Cryo healer while Wriothesley will be mainly used in the DPS role.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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