Genshin Impact Fan Shows Stunning Tattoos of Nahida, Hu Tao, and Klee


  • Genshin Impact fan YuukiFlo showcased impressive tattoos of popular characters Nahida, Klee, and Hu Tao, receiving praise from the community.
  • Nahida, the Dendro Archon, is highly anticipated to join Genshin Impact’s roster soon after breaking revenue records upon her release.
  • While Hu Tao and Klee have seen changes in their popularity, they remain strong choices for players with unique abilities and decent damage output.

A Genshin Impact fan has shared a set of tattoos featuring three very popular characters: the Dendro Archon Nahida and two troublesome Pyro users, Klee and Hu Tao. Since its release back in 2020, the game has accumulated tens of millions of players worldwide which has made it one of the most popular titles in the industry.

With such a large player base, it’s no surprise that Genshin Impact is known for its devoted community that often tries to replicate some of the game’s designs in real life. While the world of Teyvat features tons of breathtaking locations, the main focus of the game remains its diverse roster of characters that includes over 70 playable units.

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A Reddit user named YuukiFlo has shared three very impressive tattoos featuring Nahida, Klee, and Hu Tao. The post revealed that the tattoos were made by a talented artist named Iván Pelegrín Medina. The post got a lot of attention in the community as many fans claim that these are probably the best Genshin Impact-themed tattoos they’ve seen so far. While some fans pointed out that getting three tattoos might seem a bit excessive, YuukiFlo confirmed that they will get another tattoo that will cover their remaining leg. One of the reasons why the post gathered over 3.3k upvotes is probably that it features three very popular characters.

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The Dendro Archon Nahida is the most popular Sumeru character, and she’s also known as Lesser Lord Kusanali and the Dendro Archon. Nahida made her debut back in update 3.3, breaking Genshin Impact‘s revenue record at the time with a banner featuring the Pyro bow user Yoimiya. Players who want to add Nahida to their roster won’t have to wait too long since she’s expected to appear in the upcoming updates.

Despite being one of the oldest characters on the roster, Hu Tao is still one of the best Pyro DPS units thanks to a unique kit that might take some time to get used to. Her popularity is also proven by the fact that she and Yelan hold the current Genshin Impact sales record, which was set back in update 3.4.

While the Pyro user Klee used to be considered an S-tier DPS unit in Genshin Impact, it’s no secret that the arrival of more complex and powerful characters has pushed her out of the meta. However, she can still dish out decent damage numbers with the right team composition.

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