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Genshin Impact Leaks Furina and Charlotte’s Talents and Constellations


A recent leak from Genshin Impact has given additional information about Furina and Charlotte’s constellations and talents, providing players an insight into the characters’ power spike. Genshin Impact is all set to add Furina and Charlotte to the current banner in version 4.2 later this year. Their skill set and combat animations have already been leaked a few days ago, giving players an idea of their offensive and defensive capabilities. According to reliable leakers, Charlotte will be a four-star Cryo catalyst, while Furina will have a higher five-star rarity as a Hydro sword user.

Genshin Impact‘s Furina is said to be the Hydro Archon, one of the seven gods of Teyvat with incredible powers. Players have already met four of these gods so far, including Zhongli and Venti, each having a unique personality and element. Playable Archons in the game are usually ranked among the best characters thanks to their powerful skill set that may change the meta. Charlotte, on the other hand, is a curious journalist working for a newspaper in Fontaine, appearing like an energetic young girl who can easily take on the sub-DPS or healer role for her team.

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A new Genshin Impact leak from himo_sino has revealed some information Furina and Charlotte’s constellations and talents, giving players a general idea of their power spike at higher levels. Furina’s constellations seem to be referencing to famous plays and operas, which is unsurprising given that she was a talented theater kid in her story. Though the leak doesn’t give many details about these buffs, it’s safe to assume that Furina will become more powerful at C2 like other Archons in Genshin Impact. Additionally, she has a shrug pose that appears on her talent screen, and players will be able to level her normal attack, combat, and passive talents up to 13.

As for Genshin Impact‘s Charlotte, the leak only reveals that her talents can be leveled up to 13, which will probably require a lot of materials. From the looks of their icons, Charlotte has a talent linked to her custom camera, called ‘Framing: Freezing Point Composition.’ It’s a safe bet that this will either enhance the character’s skills or add some utility to her gameplay.

Constellations in Genshin Impact are a set of buffs players can unlock by getting a duplicate of the character they have. These buffs either give a brand-new perk or upgrade an existing skill, which helps characters reach their power spike as early as possible. Talents, on the other hand, are the pinnacle of Genshin Impact‘s combat system, allowing players to increase their teams’ damage output.

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