Genshin Impact Leaks Info About Natlan Characters Including Pyro Archon


  • New leak provides details about upcoming characters in Genshin Impact’s Natlan region, including a small-sized character and multiple medium-sized female characters.
  • The Pyro Archon in Natlan will be a polearm user and have a unique way of moving across terrain, adding variety to the game’s character abilities.
  • Natlan is inspired by South American tribal elements, but release is not expected before August/September 2023, with the possibility of NPCs from Natlan appearing in the game’s main storyline before then.

A new Genshin Impact leak has revealed more information about some of the characters that might arrive in the Natlan region. The world of Teyvat consists of seven different nations, each of which has its own symbolic element, divine ideals, and an Archon who serves as the region’s main protector.

So far, the Genshin Impact has introduced five out of seven regions, with the Hydro nation named Fontaine being the most recent addition. This means that there are still two new regions to arrive, one of which is Natlan, the home of the Pyro Archon.

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The release of a new major region is the main annual event for most Genshin Impact fans as it introduces tons of new content including new explorable terrain, characters, stories, etc. During the first three Fontaine updates, HoYoverse has introduced 7 new characters, with the five-star Archon Lady Furina and the four-star Cryo catalyst Charlotte being the most recent additions. A new post on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit may hint at some of the upcoming character releases. The post included a lot of information about future roster additions, so here is a summary of the types of characters that will arrive in Natlan:

  • 1 character that has a small model like Nahida
  • 5 female characters with medium-sized models, like Kamisato Ayaka
  • 1 tall female character
  • 2 medium-sized male characters like Kazuha
  • 1 adult male character with a model similar to Diluc’s
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Genshin Impact Pyro Natlan

The leak also revealed that the Pyro Archon will be a polearm user, which does come as a surprise since there are already two Archons, Liyue’s Zhongli and Inazuma’s Raiden Shogun, that have this weapon type. Natlan’s protector will apparently have a unique way of moving across terrain.

Each region in Genshin Impact is inspired by a real-life location and the leak claims that Natlan will have “South American tribal elements.” While leaks usually accurately predict most of the upcoming content even if it’s a couple of months or years away, this info should still be taken with a grain of salt since Natlan will most likely won’t arrive before August/September 2023.

At the moment, there is not a lot of information about this region, but players hope that HoYoverse could introduce some NPCs from this nation in the upcoming months. Just like the recently released Charlotte made an appearance in 3.7, there is a chance that the game’s main storyline features some of Natlan’s playable characters before the region arrives on the live servers.

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