Hogwarts Legacy Digital Editions Get Big Discount for Black Friday


  • Hogwarts Legacy is offering a 40% discount on digital versions of the game for Black Friday, making it a great time to buy the game.
  • Hogwarts Legacy has been a huge success, selling over 15 million units and receiving positive reviews from players.
  • The Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy includes bonus cosmetic items, but the discount may not be available on all platforms.

Digital versions of Hogwarts Legacy are available at a cheaper price for Black Friday, giving players a massive 40% discount on the game. Hogwarts Legacy received positive reviews upon its launch in February 2023, and it now has a score of 84 on Metacritic.

Hogwarts Legacy is also a massive commercial success, selling over 15 million units as of May 5, 2023. Fans can still find Hogwarts Legacy on sales charts, as it has continued to sell well throughout the year. While Hogwarts Legacy only came out on current-generation consoles and PC in February, it has since been released on PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch, which has likely contributed to its presence on these sales charts. Now, gamers interested in buying Hogwarts Legacy can take advantage of a 40% discount on its digital editions for Black Friday.

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Fans can go to the official website of Hogwarts Legacy to get more information on the offer. Players first need to select the edition they want to purchase, standard or deluxe, before choosing their preferred platform. It should be noted that this discount is not available on the Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy, as it just came out for the system on November 14. Additionally, it doesn’t look like the discount on the Deluxe Edition is available on all platforms, as it’s still showing up at full price on both PlayStation and Xbox stores at the moment.

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Hogwarts Legacy Editions

  • Standard
    • Base game
    • PlayStation exclusive “Haunted Hogsmeade Shop” quest
  • Deluxe
    • Base game
    • PlayStation exclusive “Haunted Hogsmeade Shop” quest
    • Dark Arts Garrison Hat
    • Dark Arts Pack – Thestral Mount, Dark Arts Cosmetic Set, Dark Arts Battle Arena

Hogwarts Legacy’s Deluxe Edition comes with a few extra goodies when compared to the standard version, as users will get some additional cosmetic items with this edition. This includes the Dark Arts Pack, which gives players access to the following items: Thestral Mount, Dark Arts Cosmetic Set, and Dark Arts Battle Arena. Players should note that they will also get an exclusive quest with the PS5 or PS4 versions of Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy was available at 30% back in September, so this sale offers a bigger discount on the title. However, fans of physical media may want to check if Hogwarts Legacy is available at an even cheaper rate at local retailers.

Overall, this sale offers a big discount on the digital editions of Hogwarts Legacy, which will likely add to its already impressive sales numbers. While the development team hasn’t shared an update on the total number of copies sold, Hogwarts Legacy will probably end up being one of the best-selling games of the year.

hogwarts legacy poster

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy

$51 $70 Save $19

Hogwarts Legacy is a game that allows players to explore an open world, including locations such as Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest, and the surrounding Overland area. Players can create their unique witch or wizard character, learn spells, brew potions, grow plants, and tend to magical beasts during their journey. Sorting into a Hogwarts house and forging relationships with other characters enable players to master various skills and shape their characters’ development.

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The game features an original wizarding world adventure set in an unexplored era, where players uncover a hidden truth from the past. Challenging encounters await, such as battles against trolls, Dark Wizards, goblins, and a dangerous villain who poses a threat to the fate of the world.

Franchise Harry Potter Platform(s) PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X Released February 10, 2023 Developer(s) Avalanche Software Publisher(s) Warner Bros. Interactive See at Steam See at Xbox Games Store See at Playstation Store Buy on Amazon

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