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Horizon Forbidden West Player Shows Off Unbelievable Lamp Detail


A Horizon Forbidden West player recently shared a video demonstrating the high level of detail in a single lamp of the game. Horizon Forbidden West is among the best-looking PS5 games ever made, and this video gives gamers a chance to closely appreciate just how detailed even the most easily ignorable parts of its world are.

Back when it was released in 2022, Horizon Forbidden West received glowing reviews. Many critics praised the title’s incredibly detailed world and character models, which made for a very immersive experience. However, it’s easy not to properly appreciate the finer aspects of the world while playing and being focused on the action, so one gamer decided to prove just how detailed Horizon Forbidden West is.

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Shared by a gamer called SilentHillRoyal, a 29-second video showcases how greatly detailed a single lamp is in Horizon Forbidden West. The clip starts by displaying a rugged, green surface with lots of texture, and then zooms out, showing that it belongs to one of the game’s lamps. After that, the camera moves toward Aloy and focuses on the small, green lamp hanging on a tree, demonstrating how tiny it is in comparison to the environment around it.

SilentHillRoyal’s video became quite popular on r/Playstation, achieving over 1,000 upvotes. Many gamers were surprised to see that even something as ordinary as a lamp was such a detailed 3D object with many different textures. It’s a testament to how stunning the graphics of Horizon Forbidden West are and how hard the developer Guerrilla Games worked to create the game.

Some months ago, the team revealed that the Burning Shores DLC would not be available for PS4 due to the technology used to make the game’s clouds. By ditching the PS4 and hiring a third-party studio to work solely on that, the developers turned the clouds into dynamic 3D objects instead of 2D effects like before, making them appear even more realistic and good-looking than before.

Fans of the Horizon franchise will also be glad to know that Horizon Forbidden West is getting a new edition soon. The information was originally unveiled back in September, and soon after that, the studio confirmed that the edition will be available for PS5 and PC. Hopefully, this new release will look even better, especially considering that this is a new, improved version and that a beefy computer may have several settings to improve the graphics further, somehow making the game’s world even more stunning.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Aloy returns in the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Forbidden West follows the now iconic machine-hunter as she embarks to the aptly named Forbidden West to attempt to find the source of a powerful plague that is destroying all that it infects.

Franchise Horizon Platform(s) PS4, PS5 Released February 18, 2022 Developer(s) Guerrilla Games Publisher(s) Sony Genre(s) Action, RPG

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