Hunter x Hunter Manga Set To Return After Long Hiatus


  • Hunter x Hunter manga series is making a comeback after a long hiatus, much to the excitement of fans of shonen manga.
  • Author Yoshihiro Togashi has been providing updates on the completion of the next chapter on Twitter, increasing anticipation for its release.
  • The series will no longer be serialized weekly and a new release schedule will be announced by Shueisha’s editorial department. Physical copies of Vol. 37 can be pre-ordered.

Fans of Hunter x Hunter and shonen manga in general will be extremely pleased to hear about the return of the manga series after a lengthy hiatus. The series has been gone for the best part of a year since its last release with Chapter 400; however, rumors have been brewing among fans due to author Yoshihiro Togashi’s activity on social media site Twitter, where he has posted various updates regarding the completion of the next chapter of Hunter x Hunter.

The VIZ Media manga platform is also set to receive Hunter x Hunter Vol. 37 in English, while the physical copies can be pre-ordered in anticipation of their release scheduled for October 3rd. A tweet by Togashi posted on Sunday evening that read “Start over” has driven up hype for the continuation of the series since the end of chapter 400 almost a year ago.

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In March, Togashi confirmed the completion of Hunter x Hunter chapter 401, but did not give any information regarding its release date or when the series will continue. Hunter x Hunter was moved to the Shonen Jump online platform after it went on hiatus in January due to the author’s declining health. It was decided that the series would no longer be serialized weekly and that Shueisha’s editorial department would figure out a new release schedule for new chapters of Hunter x Hunter and release the information once more details regarding the return of the series became available. The 37th volume of Hunter x Hunter was originally published in November 2022, the first new volume in the series in over four years, and will be published in English by VIZ on October 3.

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The Hunter x Hunter manga has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since March 1998, but began experiencing extended hiatuses from 2006, with its longest absence being from 2018 to 2022. The manga has had two well-received anime adaptations, Hunter x Hunter (1999) and Hunter x Hunter (2011), the latter following a progression that is much closer than its predecessor. The first anime was produced by Nippon Animation, running for 62 episodes from October 1999 to March 2001; while the highly regarded 2011 series produced by Madhouse ran for 148 episodes from October 2011 to September 2014. A number of OVAs, videogames, stage plays and films have also been produced.

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